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I got a question yesterday from Rebecca in Detroit and I thought you all might have some good ideas to share with her.

I have 3000 Pampers rewards points in the Gifts to Grow program.  What prizes are actually of a good value?  How do you decide what to go for in a case like that?  Just wondering what others think because I’m having a hard time knowing what is actually something good to take advantage of.

It’s funny that she emailed this yesterday, because Frankie and I were just talking about what to do with all of our Disney Rewards, Pampers and Coke Rewards points.

I usually go with gift certificates or coupons – original, I know.

But I know some of you have gotten great gifts for your kids with the Pampers Gifts to Grow program. Please share your best rewards in the comments section. I know Rebecca (and I) would love to hear!


  1. Faigie Walter says

    I don’t recall how many points it was worth, but I get Shutterfly photo books. I’m into scrapbooking, but never have time to make THAT many scrapbooks. So for each vacation we take I make an 8×8 Shutterfly photo book and wait until I have enough points to get it for free!

  2. This is the way I figure it out. 450 points = $5 on Therefore, I use 90 points = $1 and figure all the prices that way.

    • I divide the amount of points something costs by 90 and the result is the price in dollars. Makes it much easier to figure out what items are good deals.

      • Oooh, what a great idea, Frayda!

      • I do the opposite. I divide the amount of points something costs by its dollar value to find out which items give the most value for your points. I don’t use the full price value for the shutterfly books because I’d buy them at % off sale time – so I use the replacement value.

        So the gift card costs 90 points per dollar. Some items come out to more dollars for your points, and they’re things I spend money on anyway.

  3. Mara already knows this, but we got the Radio Flyer Big Flyer (like a Big Wheel) bike through Pampers for our kids for Chanukah. I had over 5000 points and had been saving them up as my oldest is six 🙂 I would often get frustrated with typing those ridiculously long numbers in, but I knew it would pay off. They LOVE it. My original plan was to get gift cards that I could use…the shutterfly or Starbucks. But I decided to keep saving and it was worth it. My little one is still in diapers so I figure I can at least get a Starbucks cards out of the deal. Good luck Saving!

  4. I had collected around 2500 points and traded them in for a 1 day ticket to Sesame Place last summer. This worked for us cause we could only go for one day anyhow.
    The Radio Flyer bike that amanda pointed out is definitely the light at the end of the tunnel but of late is only rarely available. (I haven’t seen it listed for like two years so kudos to amanda for snagging it).
    The prizes keep changing so I would keep my eye out for s/t amazing like the bike. I definitely wouldn’t use it for Starbucks or bec the point value is too high, imo. Similarly for shutterfly cause I am constantly getting offers from them directly, I wouldnt want to use my points that way either.
    Impressed that you managed to save that many!!!

  5. I love the pampers rewards we have gotten soooo many things like melissa and doug puzzles, sesame street books, 100piece play food set, mega blocks, diego potty seat, the leap frog abc magnet toy, a toy story toy organizer, and more
    they require a lot of points for each item because they dont charge shipping
    Just think about what you want/need for your kids and dont want to pay for 🙂

  6. I got my 2 year old daughter the riding caterpillar. It was just ok… She wasn’t heavy enough to make it go up and down as it was supposed to to propel it forward, and by the time she was, she was in a tricycle already!

    But with two kids in diapers, I have already saved enough to get the Radio Flyer bike (probably in about a month, so I’m hoping it stays up!). I save every diaper/easy-up/wipe code and I friended Gifts to Grow on Facebook so I get their bonus codes.

    If you have an iPhone, get their app. It won’t save you from having to type in the ridiculously long (and sometimes illegible) codes, but it’s nice to have the ability to punch them in on the fly.

    Good luck!

  7. How many points are diapers, wipes, etc worth?

  8. How many points are diapers, wipes ,etc each worth?

  9. For the diapers. It took me awhile but I finally found the answer on the pampers website 🙂

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