Ask My Readers | PreFast Meal Ideas for Tisha B’Av

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Since several of you have asked me this via email or Facebook, I’m guessing there are many more that are also wondering. And in fact, I haven’t yet figured this out either – so this one is rather self-interested!

What are you planning to make for the Pre-Fast Meal for Tisha B’Av this year? Since it will have to be eaten on Shabbat, it’s a bit tricky. I hate to eat two big meals that day (lunch and pre-fast), but want to eat enough to make it through the fast.

Can you help us out? Let’s talk pre-fast meals when the fast is on a Sunday in the comments section!

Do you have a question about budgeting, couponing, menu planning, prefast meals or anything else? Please send me an email – I love hearing from my readers!


  1. Im serving chicken cutlets and roast.

  2. We are having vegetable soup and chicken wraps.

  3. We are leaving the cholent and soup on. We may also have cold chicken cutlets.

  4. We’re having a very simple lunch – deli sandwiches – and then having a medium/light shalosh seudos – chicken, baked potatoes, and fruit salad. I’ve been told that grapes and watermelon are good to have before a fast (something to do with water content) so I expect i’ll include those.

  5. Suri Fineberg says

    We don’t like 2 meat meals in a day. I’m making oven fried fish, pesto pasta, mushroom and onion quiche, hard boiled eggs, sliced cheese and a salad. We will break our fast on the leftovers.

  6. Makes sense to eat light before a fast. We’re having a cold fruit soup, zucchini latkes with feta cheese and dill (see link below for excellent recipe), salmon teriyaki, salad, and watermelon.

  7. We like dairy before the fast. For us it’ll be cold fruit soup, pitas with cream cheese, and lots of fresh raw veggies and fruit.

  8. We’re having left over chicken from Fri nite and a yummy mushroom barley soup with meat in it to keep us full.

  9. I like to have some good lean protein before the fast-usually I make a large vegetable soup with beans in it and we have hearty whole grain bread. This year, I made a black lentil, white bean, tuna, grated carrot, cilantro, green onion salad and shredded green cabbage with lemon juice and some olive oil. I may add some more veggies tomorrow-maybe celery. I also have made a roasted beet and roasted carrot salad to have with it-and of course some great homemade rye “challah”. We’ll have watermelon also-foods with a lot of fiber and water to keep us satisfied and hydrated.Of course, we have been eating like that for a while already, so it won’t be a shock to the system and our bodies are “primed”, so to speak.

  10. Like you say, Mara, two big meals on one day is a lot, and would just leave us feeling bloated. I find that drinking enough water before a fast is more important than what I eat, anyway, especially for a fast that begins at night.

    We’ll be having a pretty light lunch (pitas with white bean dip and a huge coleslaw) and seudat shlishit will be a bulgar salad, the bean dip with fresh veggies, and leftovers from friday night.

  11. We’re doing our regular shalesheudos for the most part: challah and salads (homemade: hummus, eggplant, carrots, zhug), deviled eggs, veggies platter (by the two older kids) and dips, sesame noodles (carbs!), fruit salad, and brownies.

    And water. Lots of water!

  12. caroline says

    We’re recycling dinner leftovers into our pre-fast meal. I’ll take leftover chicken and dice it up to put in wraps. We’ll also have sweet potato pie, some salad (TBD), and watermelon for dessert. Watermelon is GREAT before a fast!

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