Attention AviGlatt Shoppers – Coupon Codes for KOAB Readers

Hey, did you notice that I’ve got some nice new banner ads over there in the right-hand column below the Google ads?

Those are folks that in their infinite generosity are sponsoring or partnering with KOAB. What an honor! Stay tuned later this month for a big shout-out to all of these guys. But today, I wanted to draw special attention to that cool dynamic ad for

You may remember several weeks ago I posted a question from a reader about the benefits of online shopping through vendors like I was truthful and admitted that I’ve never ordered from them, but I was a bit leery of the potentially steep shipping fees.

A number of you schooled me in the awesomeness of AviGlatt, professing an awful lot of love for this online kosher superstore. The nice folks at AviGlatt even heard about that post and reached out to me as well.

Knowing what a bargain shopper I am, they offered to put a banner ad up on my blog that features their very best discount code available. Right now, if you click on that ad (or this link here), you’ll get 10% off your order when using the coupon code THKGVG-10 at check-out.

The AviGlatt folks also told me that all non-perishable orders over $150 get FREE Ground Service shipping (3-5 business days). And that when you order $500 or more of perishable or frozen foods, you get free overnight shipping. Occasionally, they even have promotions for free shipping on $350 worth of perishables!

Now for someone like me, whose entire monthly food and household items budget is $500, spending it all in one go seems rather intimidating. That’s when my friend David pointed out that he gets together a group of friends to go in on an order once or twice a year. Together, they have no problem hitting the threshhold, and no one is out a huge wad of cash. (And he told me the frozen kubeh are totally worth it.)

In the spirit of full disclosure, I still haven’t ordered from AviGlatt, but I am now actively window shopping and hoping to get in on David’s next group order!

Have you ever ordered from AviGlatt? What was your experience like? If you’re in the market for some last-minute Thanksgiving menu items, don’t forget to to use this link plus the code THKGVG-10 to get your 10% discount!


  1. My husband used them to get meals for a conference in Wyoming he attended. Great food (for being not homemade), great packaging so it got there in terrific shape and easy for the non-Jewish staff to heat up. The choices were also not your typical “Jewish” food…

  2. Yay!

  3. AviGlatt is where we get all of our Israeli Kosher foods!

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