Attn Chicago Readers: Kosher for Passover Coupons at Jewel

Thanks to KOAB reader, Becky, for the heads up on a huge Passover display of coupons at her local Jewel grocery stores. Here’s a shot of the coupon display she saw at the Jewel in Lakeview, but she says she has seen it at several Jewel stores.

Becky says to look for the coupons by your deli counter, kosher section, or the Passover displays. If you don’t find them, ask at customer service.

Here’s a list of the manufacturer coupons that Becky found — which, as she said, seem to be photocopied and rather sloppily cut out – so your mileage may vary as to whether you can use them at other stores as well.

$1/2 Streit’s Macaroons x4/20
$0.75/1 Osem Egg Matzah 10.5 oz x5/20
$0.75/1 Osem Bamba/Bissli Multi Packs 6oz x5/20
$2/1 Streit’s Matzo 5lb pack x4/20
$0.60/1 Osem Cake 8.8 oz x5/20
$1.50/2 Streit’s Egg Matzos x4/20
$0.75/1 Osem Chocolate Coated Matzah 7oz (3 varieties available: Plain, Orange or Raspberry Flavored) x5/20
$0.60/1 Osem Rye Matzah 10.5oz x5/20
$0.75/1 Osem soup & Seasoning Mix 14.1oz x5/20
$0.75 Osem Mini Croutons Soup Mandels 5.29oz x5/20
$1/1 Taster’s Choice Glass Jar 7oz x5/20
$1/2 Streit’s Boxes of Cake Mix x4/20
$1/2 Streit’s Matzo Meal or Farfel x4/20
$0.60/1 Osem Mediterranean Olives 19.7oz x5/20
$1/1 Manischewitz Egg Matzo x4/26
$1/1 Manischewitz Matzo Meal 27oz x4/26
$1/1 Manischewitz Gefilte Fish (any variety) 24oz x4/26
$1/2 Season Sardines (any variety) x4/26
$1/1 Manischewitz Chocolates (any variety) x4/26
$1/1 Manischewitz Macaroons (any variety) x4/26

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