Attn NJ Readers: New ShopRite Passover Coupon Book

Okay, okay, so I guess there are certain advantages to living in New Jersey. But only a few. ūüėČ

Thanks to the NJ-based frugal blogger Living Rich with Coupons (if you don’t know about Cindy’s blog, you should — she will be a huge help to you at the New Jersey grocery stores), I just learned about a new Passover Coupon Book that ShopRite has put out. Keep an eye out for it at your store – and ask at customer service if you don’t see it.

Here are the Manufacturer Coupons included in the book.  These expire on 4/26/11:

  • $1 off (1) 10 oz. canister any flavor Manischewitz Macaroons
  • $1 off (1) 12 oz. box Manischewitz Passover Egg Matzo
  • $1 off (1)¬†box any size¬†any variety Manischewitz Chocolates
  • $1 off (1)¬†27 oz. canister Manischewitz Matzo Meal
  • Buy 2 get $1 off 2 packages, any size any variety¬†Season Sardines
  • $2 off (1) 16 oz.¬†box Rokeach Round Hand Made Matzo

Here are the ShopRite Coupons included.  These expire on 4/30/11:

  • $.50 off (1)¬†9 oz¬†Joyva Jelly Rings or Marshmallows
  • $.50 off (1)¬†20 oz any variety¬†A&B Gefilte Fish
  • $.50 off (1)¬†72 count¬†Rokeach Sabbath Candles
  • $.25 off (1)¬†any variety or ‚ÄúKosher for Passover‚ÄĚ 2 Liter of Coke or Diet Coke
  • $.50 off (1)¬†12 to 13 oz any variety Kosher for Passover Manischewitz Blintzes or Potato Pancakes
  • $.50 off (1)¬†12 to 32¬†oz¬†jar any variety Kosher for Passover Vita Herring
  • $.50 off (1)¬†any size package Kosher for Passover Empire Boneless Chicken Breast
  • $.50 off (1)¬†8 to 17 oz¬†container Sabra Item, where available and supplies last
  • $.25 off (1) 59 oz. any variety, Kosher for Passover Tropicana Pure Premium OJ
  • $.50 off (1)¬†8 oz box, any variety¬†Manischewitz Passover Tams Tams


  1. Marsha Scordato says

    The Shoprite in Brick, NJ does not have the coupon book for Passover this year. Can it be either e-mailed or mailed to me?

    Thank you.

    Marsha Scordato
    51 Mansfield Drive
    Brick, NJ 08724

    • Marsha – I don’t have an actual copy of the coupon book, as I’m in Kansas. You might want to ask at customer service if they can get it in for you – or maybe another NJ reader has an extra book they’d be willing to send you. GL!

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