Back to School Tax-Free Shopping Days

Back to School Tax-Free Shopping DaysGot some back to school shopping to do? From supplies to clothing and computers to books, a number of states offer Tax-Free Shopping Days for your back-to-school essentials.

Check out the list below, courtesy of Surviving a Teacher’s Salary, to see if your state is included.

(Apologies in advance to my New York, New Jersey, Chicago and Boston-area readers!)

ALABAMA– August 7-9 (clothing, supplies, computers, books)

ARKANSAS– August 1-2 (clothing, supplies)

CONNECTICUT – August 16-22 (clothing, footwear)

FLORIDA – August 7-16 (clothing, footwear, supplies, computers)

GEORGIA – July 31 – August 1 (clothing, supplies, computers)

IOWA– August 7-8 (clothing)

MARYLAND– August 9-15 (clothing, footwear)

MISSISSIPPI– July 31-August 1 (clothing, footwear)

MISSOURI– August 7-9 (clothing, computers, supplies)

NEW MEXICO– August 7-9 (clothing, computers, supplies)

OHIO– August 7-9 (clothing, supplies, instructional materials)

OKLAHOMA– August 7-9 (clothing)

SOUTH CAROLINA– August 7-9 (clothing, computer, supplies)

TENNESSEE– August 7-9 (clothing, computer, supplies)

TEXAS– August 7-9 (clothing, backpacks, supplies)

VIRGINIA– August 7-9 (clothing, supplies)




  1. Boston Reader says:

    Here in Boston we never have tax on clothing, don’t feel sorry for us!!

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