Bacon Croutons. Yes, They’re Kosher.

Bacon Croutons

At Walmart the other day, I was looking for kosher croutons.

(I usually make my own, but we had no bread in the freezer and I had a hankering…)

Of the six different brands on the shelf, the only one that was kosher?

J&D’s Bacon Croutons

Gourmet Bacon Flavored Croutons, no less.

Can’t see the KSA hechsher – down there, on the lower right corner? Here’s a close-up:

KSA Bacon Croutons

Sure, I know there are kosher Bacos, but the extreme irony of the only kosher brand being “Bacon Croutons”? Well, I just had to take a picture of that and share it with y’all.

Anyone else see some funny products you’d never guess would be kosher?

Share in the comments! We could use a good Friday laugh!


  1. Bethany Mandel says

    My husband bought cheddar bacon pretzels this week. He said they were revolting. I’m not surprised 🙂

  2. My husband laughs every time I but Goya brand canned beans or HamBeans brand dried beans.

    Burger King ketchup & fries potato snacks used to be kosher. I haven’t seen the product in ages, but I know I have a pic on my old cell phone.

  3. I took this photo a while back inWhole Foods … kosher organic shrimp curry (not in view: “add shrimp!”):

  4. I am always amused that the Easter and Xmas designed refrigerator dough is kosher but the plain sugar cookie dough is not

    • Mara Strom says

      And the Xmas candy that is shaped like Santa that has a hechsher!

    • That was on my mind as well. It is so funny that the chocolate caramel Easter eggs are kosher. My husband loves when the holiday comes around – every year he gets the eggs!

      Candy canes that are kosher make me chuckle!

  5. Yesterday I came across Bacon Cheddar potato chips that were kosher.

  6. I bought them just because of all the irony! But it wasn’t delicious 🙁 just tasted kinda smokey, not my taste.

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