Barbie Dolls, Accessories, Toys & Clothing for $5.55 and Under

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With the Barbie movie coming out in just a couple days, I suspect Barbie merchandise is going to be having a heyday.

Five Below is getting an early jump on the rush with a new drop of Barbie dolls, accessories, toys and Barbie-themed clothing for $5.55 and under.

Barbie & Ken dolls are $5 — there isn’t a super huge selection, but at this price point, I’m not surprised.

I also love their Barbie Ts, like this galaxy one, for $5.55.

Choose free in-store pickup to bypass shipping charges. If not available at a store near you, shipping is a flat rate of $7.95. (If you go this option, it’s better to order several so that you’re making the most of your added shipping cost!)

Thanks, Money Saving Mom.

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