Beautiful New Illustrated Haggadah by Israeli Artist

Disclosure StatementAs long-time readers of KOAB know, one of my favorite family traditions is getting one new haggadah each year.

Of course, we have our collection of Artscrolls, so everyone can be on the same page at the seder.

But I love having interesting haggadot from all over the world to enrich our experience as well. We started this tradition shortly after we got married, so we now have close to 15 different hagaddot.

Last year we picked up the baseball haggadah, which quickly became a favorite among my many baseball fans. Also popular was the Harry Potter one.

We always love the Hartman haggadah for it stimulating, thought-provoking questions; and the illustrations in the The Szyk Haggadah make for amazing conversation starters every year.s

This year, I am thrilled to be adding the brand new Illustrated Passover Haggadah to our collection. Designed by the very talented visual artist, Shana Rotter Koppel (who, full disclosure, is the daughter of a good friend of mine), this haggadah is truly a work of art. I adore Shana’s artistic style — and each page is a treasure unto itself.

Even cooler, Shana has designed a free interactive haggadah app (currently only available for the iPad), to help get  your family members in the “spirit” before you all sit down for you seder.

If you don’t share our family’s “new haggadah tradition”, Shana’s Illustrated Passover Haggadah might be the perfect excuse to start it. And if you are looking for a unique hostess gift, this is definitely one to get.

The 56-page, soft-cover Illustrated Passover Haggadah is available from Amazon for readers in the US and Canada, or, if you are in Israel, you can order from her local website.

On Amazon, the haggadah runs $18.95 and ships for free with Amazon Prime. Because these haggadot are printed “on demand”, your order may take an extra day or two beyond the regular two-day Prime shipping. Be sure to take that into consideration when you time the placing of your order. On the Israel site, they are 80 NIS each, with free pick-up in Jerusalem, Efrat or Chashmonaim, or 20 NIS via Israel post.

Shana is an illustrator and designer, based in Jerusalem. She divides her time between working at a startup, where she makes science edutainment products for kids, and working on freelance personal projects like this haggadah. She’s happiest when pursuing her secret mission — to use illustration to make the Jewish traditional world a bit more beautiful. You can follow Shana on Instagram.

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