Best Black Friday Deals on an iPad Mini

iPad Mini Black Friday Deals

Where can I get the best deal on an iPad Mini During Black Friday?

Since the Apple Store just released the brand new iPad Mini Retina (starting at $399), we most likely will not see any deals on this model.  We will, however, see numerous deals on the iPad Mini (16GB).

The best deal currently available is at, where you can snag the iPad Mini (16GB) for only $249.99. These have been in and out-of-stock for the past 48 hours, so check back if they aren’t available right now.

Target Black Friday Sale on the iPad Mini

At the Target Black Friday Sale, you will get a $75 gift card when you buy the iPad Mini (16 GB) – making the cost effectively $224 after the card. In-store supplies will be limited.

In 2012, Target did release all their iPad deals online — and I expect them to do the same this year. Stay tuned, I will be sure to post when that deal is live online.

Walmart Black Friday Sale on the iPad Mini

Like Target, Walmart will also be offering a gift card with purchase of the $299 iPad Mini (16 GB) – but they are offering a $100 gift card, making your effective cost just $199.

However, Walmart is only guaranteeing that this deal will be available for one hour, from 6 – 7 pm on Thanksgiving. If your store runs out of stock, Walmart will back order the Mini, but can’t guarantee delivery until late December.

Best Black Friday Deals on the iPad Mini without Gift Cards

If you are looking for a straight discount rather than a gift card deal, you have a few options so far.

Rakuten was the first to announce that it would offer be offering the iPad Mini (16 GB) for $249.99 on Black Friday.  Then Staples matched that price — and trumped Rakuten by releasing their Black Friday deals on the Sunday before!

And then eBay bettered those deal with a Black Friday price of $239 with FREE shipping.

Those are the best deals that I know of as of now, but I’m still waiting to see whether Amazon will price-match.

Have you seen a great Black Friday deal on an iPad Mini? Please share!



  1. Best Buy began offering the iPad Mini today for the same deal Wal-Mart has on Black Friday. $299.00 plus a $100.00 gift card. I picked one up at a local store but I’m not sure if they’re offering that deal online.

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