Best Prices for iPhone Plans – Cricket Introduces No Contract Plan

I have exciting news for those of you looking for iPhone service deals.

Cricket just announced that on June 22, they will begin offering a no-contract iPhone plan with rates of just $55 per month.

You will be able to get either an 8GB iPhone 4 or a 16GB iPhone 4S with unlimited talk, text and data – for about half what you’d pay for the same plan with AT&T or Verizon.

The only downside to the no-contract plan is that the upfront cost to purchase the phone will be much higher – $399.99 for the iPhone4 and $499.99 for the iPhone4S. That’s more than twice what you pay for the phone at AT&T or Verizon.

Over the life of a typical two-year contract, though, you will save an average of $50 per month – or $1200 total – with Cricket’s rates, even including the cost of the phone. And you won’t be stuck in a contract if something happens.

It’s all the benefits of Virgin Mobile – lower prices, no contracts – but with the phone you really want.

Like with Virgin Mobile, Cricket doesn’t have complete nationwide coverage – yet. Check their coverage map to make sure this plan will work for you.

And now – for those of you that have asked what we do with our phone plans: I have an iPhone4 with AT&T. I’m on a family plan with my dad and stepmom, which keeps the costs quite reasonable. I pay about $65 per month, which includes unlimited texts. My husband has a ‘Droid thru Virgin Mobile and pays $30 per month, which includes 300 minutes of talk, plus unlimited text and data.


  1. adinae1212 says

    Mara- I am getting ready to shop for Iphone deals. If you were going to switch, would you do this deal? I need phones for N and I but he doesnt necessarly need an this phone.

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