What better way to celebrate Independence Day than with INDEPENDENCE from money worries?

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After struggling with money for decades — and letting ourselves fall into $30,000 of consumer debt — my husband and I finally “got real” about our finances ten years ago.

In just six months, we eliminated our debt; a year and a half later, we had saved up a $20,000 emergency fund. Today, we continue to live within our means while also saving for the future.

And best of all, I can sleep at night, without the worry and anxiety that used to plague me every time I thought about money.

That is why I wrote The Better Budget Guide & Workbook! I’ve been there. I know how confounding, confusing and lonely it can be.

I don’t want you to go through these feelings alone. I want you to gain control over your finances — rather than being controlled by them.

You know, 49% of Americans report that they are living paycheck to paycheck.

Even when you make “good” money, you may find yourself in this predicament. 61% of Americans report that they don’t have an emergency fund.

The reality is that between high costs of living, bigger-than-average family size, and skyrocketing tuition bills, even healthy six-figure salaries can disappear in no time.

Maybe you’ve tried to deal with your money before, but run up against roadblocks: a spouse who isn’t on board, an emergency that undermines your progress.

Or perhaps — when you look inside — you realize that you’re really just afraid to take this step. It’s easier to turn a blind eye than really look at your financial reality.

But I am here to tell you that living in denial doesn’t work. I know because my anxiety spiked the harder I tried to ignore our finances. When my husband and I finally GOT real and figured out how to live within our means, all that anxiety disappeared.

You can say goodbye to the worry, stress and arguments, too.

The Better Budget Guide & Workbook will walk you through the process of taking control of your finances, breaking your negative money habits, and finally making a budget that you can actually live on!

You will get an actionable plan for getting out of debt (if you have any), getting current on your day-to-day bills, prioritizing your expenses (learning to say NO! now, so you can say YES! later), and even saving for the future.

From this 75-page book and 47-page accompanying workbook, you will get: 
  • Simple strategies for creating a budget you can actually stick to
  • Step-by-step instructions customized to your specific needs
  • Easy-to-follow assignments that put theory into practice
  • Lessons on tracking your expenseslearning to say no (so you can say yes later when it really matters), saving for the future, and figuring out how to prioritize it all
  • Exercises to avoid budget meltdownsimprove communication
    and clarify your goals

The download of The Better Budget Guide & Workbook will be available immediately after purchase, so this year, you can celebrate the 4th of July with TRUE INDEPENDENCE!

The INDEPENDENCE coupon code is good all day today (7/4/18), and will expire at midnight CST.

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