Guess what???

I wrote a book!!! (Okay, technically an ebook.)

It’s called The Better Budget Guide & Workbook – and I poured my heart and soul into it.

If you and I could sit down together and share a cup of tea, The Better Budget Guide is everything I would want to tell you about managing your money and living on a budget.

It contains all the lessons I learned (the hard way!) about controlling your spending, prioritizing your expenses, preventing financial missteps, and eliminating stress and arguments.

January 1st is going to be here in no time. Will you be greeting the new financial year with a confident smile… or will you be spending another year agonizing over every bill?

I really, really want you to have that confident smile.

That’s why I wrote The Better Budget Guide & Workbook!

Let me walk you through the process of taking control of your finances. Let me help you break your negative money habits. Let me show you how to finally make a budget that you can actually live on!

The Better Budget Guide & Workbook will give you an actionable plan – for getting out of debt, for getting current on your day-to-day expenses, and for saving for the future.


The download will be available immediately after purchase, so you can start changing your life today!


  1. Congratulations!

  2. Mazal tov, wishing you only success.

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