#BlackFriday2018 | Save 55% off Mixbook (My new favorite site for photobooks & more)

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Long time readers of KOAB know that I love making annual digital photo albums for my family. We call them our Family Yearbooks, and it’s been a tradition for ten years now.

Until last year, I had been using My Publisher to make my books and was very happy with the interface and the final product. But last year, they closed their doors and I was bereft! Where would I make my photo albums??

I’ve used Snapfish and Shutterfly in the past, but wasn’t wow-ed by their albums (I love their magnets, tho!) I looked around a lot and read a LOT of online reviews.

In the end, I decided to give Mixbook a try. Reviews were solid, their prices were competitive, and the size of their books was very similar to My Publisher, so when I stacked up the photo albums next to each other, there was very little difference in how they looked on the shelf. (Yeah, I admit, that kinda stuff matters to me!)

Mixbook’s software is even more robust than My Publisher’s, and I have had zero issues with it crashing on me — which sometimes did happen with MP.

And best of all, I am THRILLED with the final Mixbook product. The ink, the paper, the “shine” (or lack there of, depending on what you prefer)… it’s all great!

I’ve ordered two books so far — our 2017 Yearbook and a photo album from Matan’s Bar Mitzvah.  I’m working on our 2018 Yearbook with them as well.

Mixbook Photo Album

If you regularly make digital photo albums, I highly recommend Mixbook.

Want to give it a try? Through tomorrow (November 22nd), you can score 55% of everything when you use the coupon code ERLYBF18.

If you don’t think you can get a photo album done in a day (it takes me weeks!), maybe start prepping your next album so that when you’re finished and another code comes around, you’ll be ready to jump!

(They almost always have some kind of coupon code, although 55% off is the best I’ve seen in a year of watching.)

Mixbook sells a lot more than just photo albums, although that is all I’ve bought from them so far. Their other products include holiday cards, calendars and canvas prints.


  1. I’ve been using mixbook for years. I really love it! I make a photobook every year – it is such a nachas to look on the shelf and see our family’s history all in a row 🙂

    Their standard discount is 30-40% off. Every so often, there is a 50% off sale. 55% is not as common. Note that you can only use one coupon code at a time, so if you have cash off from them (for referring a friend, for example), you have to decide which is better to use – a percent off or the dollar value off.

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