The 180s Ear Warmers Deal is Back ($9.99 for 3 Pairs)

We got our 180s ear warmers from last week and they are AWESOME. They sold out quickly, but I guess they restocked, because I see that they have them again today for the same great price!

You get three pairs of 180s Behind-the-Head Ear Warmers for just $9.99. Apparently, these are normally $69.99 – I was dubious at first, but even at Target, I noticed ear warmers for more than $10 a pair, so maybe the 180s really do cost that much.

They are completely adjustable – so they fit me and my sons equally well. And they are very, very warm. I wasn’t cold at all walking to shul on Shabbat – and it was a COLD day!

I totally recommend them, and at $10 for three pairs, you really can’t go wrong! If you’re anything like me, you’ll lose a pair or two before the winter is over and still have had a great deal on your hands.

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