Can We Talk?

Guys. Can we talk?

I have something to tell you, but I’ve been holding it in, because I wasn’t sure that I was ready to talk about it yet — at least not in a big, public way.

But it’s time. I need to tell you. I feel like I’ve been lying to you. Not lying-lying, but definitely keeping something from you.

Here it goes….

We’re moving back to Israel.

In 9 days.


I’ll let that sink in for a second.

Long-time readers remember that 9 years ago, we were living in Israel and decided to come back to Kansas City for what was going to be a two-year break to be nearer to my family.

Two years turned into six and then — in 2014 — we were ready to start planning our return.

However, the timing wasn’t right. My father in law wasn’t well and we really weren’t ready financially yet.

Kansas City was an amazing home for us, but we needed to find a community that would meet our kids’ educational needs. So we started researching other communities: And found wonderful Cleveland.

When we moved here three years ago, we really thought we were here for the long(er) haul. We knew that eventually we wanted to go home, back to Israel, but we didn’t want to disrupt our children once they became teenagers. We figured it would be another 12 years before we revisited the conversation.

Only G-d once again laughed as I made my plans.

(Anyone else feel like the only things that they are guaranteed to do in life are the things they swear, up and down, that they will never do??)

And so — for a whole bunch of reasons, including that we really feel like this is our last chance to go back together as a family — we are going home now.

I’m sure some of you will have questions. I will do my best to answer them… Although it may take me a few weeks to get to them.

First, I need to get my head screwed on straight — which includes, but is not limited to, sending our lift; getting myself, my family and our gagillion bags to Israel; overcoming jetlag; getting our kids started in school; and you know, just generally managing my people and our life and all the very big feelings that everyone is feeling right now.

That said, I do want to reassure you that KOAB is not going anywhere.

I will still be blogging all the deals you know and love. I will even be coming back to the US in November — to be “on the ground” for Black Friday & Cyber Monday. (And hey — if you’ve been wanting to have me come speak to your community, that would be a great time to plan it!). I may even share some ideas for living on a budget IN ISRAEL — just as soon as I figure out how to do that! 😉

I do need to ask for your continued patience with me as family life must take precedence over blog life for at least the next couple of weeks. I still hope to post deals most days — but I can’t make any promises beyond that!

So, now who wants to have a KOAB get-together in Israel??!!


  1. Wow hazlacha may everything go smoothly and everyone adjust easily

  2. Mazal Tov! I hope everything goes well for you!

  3. Anne Dillon says

    Wow! How exciting for you. And yes, I think I have finally learned to never say never. (I’ll never leave this house (in O.P.), I’ll never homeschool my kids….)
    I hope our paths cross again someday. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Best of luck on the move!

  5. Maya Douglen says

    Waiting for you in Israel! Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures.

  6. Mazel tov!!!!!

  7. Best of luck to you and your family.
    Thank you !!!!

  8. Hatzlacha!!

  9. Best wishes for an easy move and a smooth transition.

  10. Wow, how exciting. Hazlacha, may everything go smoothly and everyone adjust easily… to a new chapter. 🍷

  11. Tali Simon says

    Wow Mara!!! Can’t wait to hear everything you have to say about life here.

  12. michelle geil says

    Mazel tov! I wish you and your family a fun, successful, smooth move and adjustment to your new home, and look forward to hearing all about it, and learning more deals to share with my friends who live there as well! Let us know how we can help you too, as a community (-:

  13. Lisa Helprin says

    The best of good luck, and smooth sailing! Do not hesitate to suspend KOAB operations for the interim!

  14. Wow! That is big new! I’m curious to know what the kids have to say about it? (Being teens, I’m sure they have something to say!)

    Best of luck to you!

  15. Carol Katzman says

    Wishing you much hatzlacha on your latest adventure. Hope the move goes smoothly, your lift arrives without mishaps, the kids make a good transition. And G-d willing we’ll see you in Israel!!

  16. Mara,
    So very happy for you and wishing you well. Go with HaShem’s help and we will look forward to hearing from you when life settles down (When does that ever happen???!!) Thanks for all your wonderful help from bargains to menus and recipes.

  17. Are you starting a koab Israel division?

  18. Hi Mara, I’m so excited for you and your family!! You are such an inspiration to all of our subscribers. We moved to Israel bH a year ago from Baltimore. We are very happy here. Please keep in touch with me. I would love to answer your questions an be a support. We also love having friends over for Shabbat so you are cordially invited!! Just remember, you are going in the right direction and Hashem is with you!! You will be in my prayers. Hashem should guide you and your family every step of the way.

  19. Judy Fulda says

    You are so smart to do it now while the kids are young!
    May it be smooth and all you wish for!

  20. Judith Cohen says

    Best of luck to you on your move home!

  21. galileegirl says

    Whatt?!?! Beshaah tova! I just happened to stop by to see if there was anything new.
    I’m so excited for you. Would love to hear details on where you’ll be living etc. Our house is always open for a frugal vacation in the north :). Plus, I’ll be happy to share any Israel budgeting tips. And, yes, I’m definitely interested in a KOAB reunion.

  22. Dvora Rotter says


  23. Bracha and Hatzlocha!

  24. Wishing you a lot of hatzlocha on your journey!! You are inspiring!

  25. Best wishes on your new journey.

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