LAST DAY! Open Free Checking Account – Get $152 Bonus

I'd hate for you to miss out on this great offer from Capital One 360. It ends tonight at 11:59 pm EST (7/3/12). You've heard me sing the praises of Capital One 360 for being our virtual cash envelope. Well usually, they offer a $50 bonus when you … [Read more...]

Vacations in Kansas City – Attractions, Festivals & Kosher Dining

If you're road tripping this summer, why not make Kansas City a stop along the way?! We have lots to do, the friendliest people you'll ever meet, and even a few kosher food options! If you're going to be here for just a day or a few days, here are … [Read more...]

Open Kids’ Savings Account, Get Instant $17.76 Bonus for Free

More Independence Day celebrations from Capital One 360. This offer only comes around once a year, so take advantage of free money now for your kiddos. Open a free savings account for your child by July 3, 2012, and you’ll get a free $17.76 … [Read more...]

Open Free Checking Account – Get $152 Bonus (Thru 7/3/12)

Capital One 360 is celebrating Independence Day in a BIG way! Right now, when you open a Capital One 360 checking account, you can earn a $152 bonus. Yes, that's right - $152 in FREE money! Here's how it works: Earn a $76 bonus for opening … [Read more...]

Frual Summer Craft Projects for Kids

Looking for some inspiration for frugal, summer crafts projects you can do with your kids? Look no further! I got some great advice yesterday on the KOAB on Facebook for craft projects that can involve all three of my kids - ages 3, 6 and 9 years … [Read more...]

4th of July – Time to Stock Up on BBQ Supplies

Just like December is a great month to stock on baking goods and canned pumpkin, late June/early July is the best time to stock up on BBQ supplies. Check your local sales circulars for deals on: Charcoal Paper plates, cups, napkins and … [Read more...]

Reader Tip: Junk My Car

Thanks to Dodi for sharing this great tip for disposing of an old car and making a few bucks in the process. I just "junked" one of my old cars. It was a 97 Le Sabre (Buick). I tried to do it completely locally, but wound up using … [Read more...]

Cut Your Home Phone & Save with Obihai

This is a guest post from Yosef Silver of This American Bite. We’ve been furiously packing up house and and moving into our new house over the last few weeks. As boxes start to fill, the tiresome chore of disconnecting and reconnecting the core (and … [Read more...]

More iPhone Options – Virgin Mobile to Offer Pay-As-You-Go Service, Too!

Gotta love the free market! A few days ago, I shared that Cricket would be launching pay-as-you-go iPhone service. Today, Virgin Mobile has confirmed that they are getting in on the no-contract action, too. Starting June 24 (two days after … [Read more...]

Best Prices for iPhone Plans – Cricket Introduces No Contract Plan

I have exciting news for those of you looking for iPhone service deals. Cricket just announced that on June 22, they will begin offering a no-contract iPhone plan with rates of just $55 per month. You will be able to get either an 8GB iPhone 4 … [Read more...]