eufy Robo-Vac 11S MAX Only $149.99 (Reg. $249) at Amazon + My Personal Review (TLDR: I Love It!)

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Looking for a great deal on a robot vacuum? Look no further!

Here is the one I bought on Black Friday and am already IN LOVE with it!

The eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S MAX is only sale for only $149.99, regularly $249.

I absolutely LOVE my eufy. My floors are SO much cleaner — no more dust bunny tumbleweeds!

It’s simple – I did a lot of research and decided that I didn’t want all the bells and wifi whistles; I wanted great suction and reliability, which this has in spades, without the worry that all the functionality would complicate my life unnecessarily (especially since our house has terribly spotty wifi anyway)

It’s speedy – That is, it charges speedily (it does its work methodically!). We set it up as soon as I got home (oh yes! It is compatible in Israel!) and within an hour, it was charged up and ready to start cleaning.

It’s super thorough — I vacuumed the floor with my Dyson stick vac before running the eufy just to get a baseline. It cleaned our bottom level for about 75 minutes, quietly going about its business, while I made lunch and hung out with my kids. When it made its way to the charging base at the end (so cute to watch it homing in!), I went to check out the dust trap. It was completely full! (We have a dog who sheds like mad and a cat who is also a rather prolific shedder.) I can already see that this thing is going to change my life!

It’s slim — In fact, I think it’s the slimmest profile of any robot vacuum out there. It fits nicely underneath lots of low profile furniture that even my Dyson can’t reach.

It’s smart— Even though the eufy 11S Max isn’t technically a “smart vacuum” (it doesn’t have the mapping with wifi option, for example), the eufy clearly learns quickly; it bumped into the edge of my couch once and during the next pass in that direction, it steered a wider pass around that corner.

It’s sleek – maybe it shouldn’t matter, but the shiny white has kinda got an Apple aesthetic, and I admit to being partial to that aesthetic

By the way, if you’re looking for the difference between the 11S and the 11S Max, my understanding is that the Max (i.e. this one that is on sale) is the newer model with double the suction of its predecessor, the 11S.

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  1. Peggy Letvin says

    How would it do in a house with toys etc here and there?

    • Mara Strom says

      I didn’t pick up much before running it – we have a basket of dog toys (our kids are past the toy-toys phase) and just left it out. It says in the manual that cords can get tangled (it actually includes zip ties in the packaging, so you can tie up your cords and get them off the ground) and that fringe on any area rugs can also get sucked up and stall out the robovac (it recommends tucking the fringe under). Hope that helps!

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