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This is a sponsored post on behalf of All opinions are my own. Learn more about the role of sponsored posts on KOAB on my Disclosure Page. I don't know about you, but among the changes that I've made since Covid is more online … [Read more...]

Mishloach Manot Containers Round-Up (All Under $1 per piece)

Purim will be here before we know it. Truly! Have you gotten started on your shalach manos yet? By popular demand, I'm putting together an all-new round-up of containers for your shalach manot — from bags to boxes and beyond. With Amazon … [Read more...]

Children’s Purim Costumes $15 and Under!

Updated: 2/15/21 Amazon pricing can change on a dime, so please act accordingly and always confirm prices before you check-out. The clock is ticking! Purim is in just two weeks, so we're down to the wire (sorry I dropped the ball on getting my … [Read more...]

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Sukkah Decorations with Amazon Prime (Delivery No Later than Thursday)

Despite the craziness right now (Israel is in a total lockdown! again!) — or perhaps because of it — I want to make our sukkah extra beautiful this year. Which got me thinking: Maybe you do, too! Of course, I also want it to be super easy and … [Read more...]

Gmar Chatima Tova | גמר חתימה טובה

I want to wish you an easy and meaningful fast. "Easy and meaningful" — it's an expression I use every year. But this year, it takes on extra relevance — especially as so many of us, in the interest of safety and public health, must forego the … [Read more...]

Stunning Sukkot Trivet Runners ~ 10% Off for KOAB Readers + Free Shipping

These Sukkot trivet table runners are simply STUNNING! Did you miss out on getting yourself a special Rosh Hashana trivet? The KOAB community loved the gorgeous trivet table runners I posted about last month so much that the wonderful folks at … [Read more...]

Shana Tova, Friends!

Shana Tovah, my friend! I want to take a moment before yomtov begins here in Israel to wish you a Shana Tovah. I can't remember ever having all four meals of Rosh Hashana without a single guest. It will no doubt be a very different yom tov (and … [Read more...]

My Rosh Hashana Menu Plan (2020 ~ Aka Covid Year)

You guys. You don't need me to tell you this, but 2020 / 5780 has been such a challenging year. Remember back before Pesach, when everyone was like "Oh, it's so sad to be alone for seder, but by Rosh Hashana, we'll all be together … [Read more...]

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