Chanukah Giveaway #2: A Great Miracle Happened There

Gabrielle Mizrachi-Mallin designs three-dimensional Judaic art creations, inspired by Jewish rituals, symbols and traditions.

I got to meet Gabrielle recently at the Bar Mitzvah of the son of good friends in Kansas City. In one of those “it’s a small world” moments, it turns out Gabrielle is my friends’ cousin. And she just so happens to be an avid reader of Kosher on a Budget.

As we talked over lunch about her art, Gabrielle generously offered to give away a matted and signed print of her piece, A Great Miracle Happened There. I know it would be perfect for Chanukkah! This 12″x12″ print retails for $45. There will be one winner.

You can read more about the symbolism of A Great Miracle Happened There on Gabrielle’s site, Ashra Design.

Originally from Lakewood, New Jersey, Gabrielle moved to South Florida as a child with her parents and five siblings. She attended Florida State University and earned her BFA in Studio Art and Design. A wife and mother, Gabrielle enjoys discovering ways to create meaningful art with her own artistic voice.

If you would like to win this beautiful print, please leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite Chanukah food.

This giveaway will be open until Wednesday night, December 14. The winner will be selected randomly and notified on Thursday, December 15. Only one entry per person, please.

I was not compensated in any way to run this giveaway. I am truly just happy to share Gabrielle’ unique talents with my readers.




  1. latkes, latkes, latkes. as long as somebody else makes ’em. 🙂

  2. Donuts!

  3. chocolate chanuka gelt, of course!

  4. Major soft spot for latkes, since that was the only food we ever really had special. But now my husband doesn’t like them. *tears*

  5. latkes of course.

  6. Latkes and apple sauce!

  7. Sufganiyot, but not with jelly… I’m a chocolate guy

  8. Laurie Cohen says:

    Latkes of all types!

  9. Elisabeth M. says:

    Sufganiyot: with seedless raspberry jam!

  10. Anything greasy!

  11. Latkes, of course! But I prefer mine onion free – no tears 🙂

  12. Donuts!!! yummmmmm

  13. I still dream about the caramel sufganiyot sold in Meah Shearim this time of year!

  14. I love my mom’s chanukah latkes with applesauce and sour cream!!

  15. latkes!

  16. angie decamp says:

    sofganiyot……(jelly doughnuts)

  17. latkes – w/ apple sauce AND sour cream 🙂

  18. of course latkes…but not just potato – pick a veggie – zucchini, sweet potato or carrot – yum!

  19. Sara Bram says:

    Latkes with sour cream. You can’t beat fried potatoes!

  20. Latkes!

  21. Falafel. Figured since it is fried in oil, it makes a perfectly good Hanukkah dinner.

  22. Latkas!!! And homemade apple sauce (it’s easy). Our latkas have to be eggless which is not so easy.

  23. super cheesy lasagna followed by donuts, chocolate of course!

  24. Caramel Donuts!

  25. potato latkes w/lots of sour cream

  26. Matzah candy (although I make this all year. It is probably supposed to be for passover). I also am going to make chocolate covered draidels this year (rice crispes & chocolate kiss stuck together with peanut butter and smothered in chocolate. Write the letters on the sides)

  27. Latkes and brisket, yum!

  28. Rebecca Starr says:

    The applesauce that is always Around!

  29. Latkes from trader joe’s…2 dollars a box and they don’t set off my smoke detector!

  30. I love donuts…with any filling. I will even be bringing some to Waterbury, CT on Chanukah to someone special who can’t buy them there!

  31. potato latkes–this is the only time of year we have them

  32. Latkes!

  33. latkes with applesauce. This year I think I may try sweet potato latkes.

  34. Naomi Silbermintz says:

    Homemade Sufganiyot.

  35. Sweet potato latkes!

  36. Latkes… NO! sufganyot… wait… no… latkes… No… wait… yeah… Latkes.

  37. All fried foods are my favourite!

  38. latkees with HOMEMADE APPLESAUCE- It has too be the homemade stuff and it has to be a specific latkee recipe- i am really fussy but oh the right recipe and right applesauce are really wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  39. Latkes, definitely. But I like them with catsup, not applesauce.

  40. latkes, yum!

  41. I would say chocolate coins but there is the issue of getting the foil off the coins and that’s is just too labor intensive considering the amount of chocolate per coin. the small ones are especially disappointing in that regard. Homemade latkes are awesome if they’re made by someone else in their home. I’m so lazy, it’s pathetic!

    (gorgeous art!)

  42. donuts.. i make jelly donuts for eveyone else than make a custard one for myself 🙂

  43. Potato & zucchini latkes and sufganiot

  44. Latkes with applesauce!

  45. Latkes! Of course.

  46. My husband’s Latkes!

  47. We once held a “latke and vodka” party for our friends. We had a lot of fun and I got to try out several different latke recipes. My favorite was a sweet potato curried latka that had whole mustard seeds … it was wonderful!

  48. Homemade latkes, but if time doesn’t allow-Golden latkes are the best!

  49. homemade thin לביבות! 🙂

  50. Homemade latkes!