Chanukah Giveaway #3 | LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet (Retail Value $119+)

My family is a big fan of the LeapFrog brand.

From the fridge magnets and Letter Factory videos to the Explorer personal game system, my kids have used, loved and learned from these toys for the last eight years.

I have consistently found that LeapFrog’s toys are not only educational AND entertaining, but they are also priced right – and provide tremendous value for the dollar.

Which is why I have been so intrigued by LeapFrog’s latest offering – the LeapPad Explorer. A tablet for little ones, the LeapPad is THE toy of 2011.

In fact, it’s so popular that there have been almost no sales on the LeapPad, and it’s been virtually impossible to find it in stock anywhere.

So imagine my jumping-up-and-down excitement when Leap Frog offered to send me a LeapPad for my review… and then, sent me a second LeapPad to give away to ONE VERY LUCKY KOAB READER!

Now, before we get to the giveaway, I want to tell you a little bit about the LeapPad:

  • The Leap Pad is targeted to the 4-9 year old set. And while I have no doubt that it can hold the attention of this entire age range – and even older – I also suspect that today’s tech savvy kids (seriously, my two year-old knows how to get to the Dora video on my iPhone) will probably be able to access much of the fun, too.
  • The LeapPad is lightweight, but solid – and well protected – so I think it will stand up to some little kid “love” (aka abuse).
  • The LeapPad has a built-in camera, which can store thousands of pictures, and a video camera, which can store up to 120 minutes of video. Pictures and video can be uploaded to your computer, as well. The quality of the camera is fine – good even, in decent lighting. It’s not going to rival your 12 mega-pixel SLR, but for a kids’ point-and-shoot, its better than most.
  • The LeapPad comes with five preloaded apps – and hundreds (literally, hundreds) more you can download from the Leapster site. Some are free, and some cost a few bucks.
  • There are also “readers” for the LeapPad – digital read-along books, including a preloaded one from Cars 2. And, of course, you can download more.
  • There are even full-length Leap Frog videos you can download onto your LeapPad – and happily it comes preloaded with The Letter Factory (The A says ah, the A says ah, every letter makes a sound, the A says ah).
  • And then there are games. Like the Leapster game systems, the games for the LeapPad must be purchased separately. They run around $30 – $40 retail, or $10 – $20 on sale.
  • One of the very best things about the LeapPad is that it uses the same games as the Explorer. So if you already have the Explorer, like we do, you can get started with those games immediately. Too often new technology makes the slightly older stuff obsolete. I’m thrilled that the games we invested in for my son’s Explorer aren’t redundant. Thanks, LeapFrog!
  • While the tablet is touch-activated, it also comes with a stylus (which conveniently ties onto the tablet) – and a back-up one as well, for when your kids inevitably lose the first one.
  • As for the graphics, I think the LeapPad definitely rivals the Leapster Explorer, and of course, this tablet can do SO much more than the Explorer. Which means, if you’re looking to purchase just one toy – I see no reason not to go straight to the LeapPad!

So… who wants to win a brand new LeapPad??!!

There are six possible entries. The first one is mandatory – leave a comment on this post with your favorite toy as a child.

The other five entries are optional – but the more ways you enter, the better your chances are of winning. To enter, simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below. (Note, if you are reading this post in your email or RSS reader, you will need to click through to the post to enter.)

This giveaway is open only to legal U.S. residents who are 18 years or older. Entries will be accepted until Thursday, December 15th at midnight EST. The winner will be selected and notified on Friday – hopefully giving me plenty of time to get this mailed out in time for Chanukah!

This post reflects my views and opinions and was not reviewed or edited by a third party. I was provided with a complementary Leap Frog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet to facilitate my review, and a second copy to give away on my blog. No other compensation was received. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”.


  1. David Waghalter says


  2. Favorite toy as a child (and older) were definitely barbies…my mom would buy bags of clothing from ebay or yard sales and my sister and I would spend hours dressing barbie up in different themes or for different occasions

  3. esty hoffman says

    Barbie —- i could play with them for hours!

  4. My favorite toy as a kid , was a balance beam from toys r us………

  5. Definitely My Little Ponies – I passed them on to my daughter!

  6. Seems so long ago, but I think tinker toys, so long as it was played with my older sister.

  7. I loved my baby dolls – dressing them up, feeding them, putting them to sleep, and pretending I was a “mommy”

  8. My favorite toy was a red headed original Cabbage Patch Doll! I still remember the day I got it!

  9. My favorite toy was cabbage patch doll!!! That’s all I remember!!!

  10. My dolls

  11. I loved my cabbage patch doll!

  12. My art supplies

  13. I loved books. All kinds.

  14. Mommydoll13 says

    my MY child

    i took her everywhere


  15. My favorite toy growing up other than candy land, was a plastic doll I had that named Babybabe

  16. CHiPS action figures. I am from CA 😉

  17. Ali Rosenthal says

    My favorite toy as a kid was probably my electric police motorcycle that I would ride around the block.

  18. Strawberry shortcake

  19. As a child, I loved my barbie dolls and also my bike!

  20. My favorite toy as a child was little ponies. I was surprised to see that little girls still play with them today, I thought they were obsolete.

  21. my favorite toys as a child were my stuffed animals and children’s books. i liked to read aloud to my stuffed animals and pretend i was a teacher

  22. I loved the magna doodle (drawing board) and a handheld tetris game.

  23. Do books count as toys? I LOVED books 🙂

    I also liked my My Little Ponies. And Care Bears. So happy my childhood is considered retro and is popular now.

  24. Sharon Feiler says

    My favorite toy was my Barbie doll. I loved dressing her up in the different clothing and shoes.

  25. dolls were my favorite. my kids would love one of these.

  26. My favorite toy was playing with the dishes set, now my kids love them too.

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