Best Price for Check Printing | $3.50/Box with Free Shipping at 4Checks

Best Deal on Check Printing

Best Deal on Check Printing

Are you looking for the best price on check printing? The best deal I know of is for new customers to 4Checks. I ordered from them two years ago and was very pleased. And it was a fraction of what I paid last year to order from Costco.

You can get two boxes of checks for only $7 ($5.05 + $1.95 handing) with FREE shipping when you use the promo code DB4381 at checkout.

That’s just $3.50 per box!! If you want duplicates, you’ll pay about $2 more.

Tip: Be sure to select USPS Bulk (10-17 days from receipt of order) to get your free shipping. And opt-out of all the added services to avoid major up-charges.

The last time I printed checks, I went with Costco – their prices were competitive, but I still paid $14 for two boxes.

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  1. Tiffany Yankovich says

    I used to order checks from discount places also, but a few years ago, my checks were returned to me after I’d try to use them, and the bank assessed me with a fine. When I went to the bank, they showed me how the printing on my checks was a smidge off, which meant that typical check readers couldn’t read them. I had ordered them from vistaprint – a pretty reputable place. The bank said that they could only guarantee checks that they print. In the end, I agreed – so this is one place where I “splurge” to make sure the checks are always right!

  2. my shipping came to 3.90 – still a great deal though, thanks!

  3. my handling fee was also $3.90

  4. Do you know if the amount of checks in a box is standard? I’m trying to price-compare. Also, is a reputable website?

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