Check Your Whole Foods Receipts: New Price Guarantee Policy

Whole Foods is now offering a price guarantee.

What does this mean for you? In a nutshell: CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS.

If the yogurt you buy is tagged at $.50 but rings up at a $1.50, then you get that yogurt for free! Just head on over to the customer service desk with your receipt and they will refund the full $1.50.

Let’s say you purchased five yogurts that were supposed to be $.50 each, but instead rang up at $1.50. You will get $1.50 back on the first yogurt, and the price adjustment – in this case, $1 – on the remaining four.

If a bulk purchase rings up incorrectly, up to the first pound will be FREE. Each additional pound will be refunded according to the corrected price.

The manager at my Kansas City store told me that the price guarantee is a regional policy, so please confirm this information with your store. At the very least, it’s a good incentive to get in the habit of checking your receipts.

Thanks so much to my friend Eliana for sharing this exciting news with me!

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