Checkout 51: New Money-Saving Rebates for Week of 1/16/14

Save Money with Checkout 51 - a new money-saving app for the US & Canada

Last week, I told you about a new money-saving app, Checkout 51. This app works in both the US and Canada.

Each Thursday, Checkout 51 releases a new set of rebates, which are good for the next seven days only.

Here are some of this week’s best offers:

If you’re new to Checkout 51, here’s a quick overview:

  • Browse their list of rebate offers — their list refreshes Thursday mornings with a new list of offers (and the previous week’s list expires).
  • Buy the products at any store; in fact, with Checkout 51, you can even get credit for products ordered online, since packing slips are accepted as proof of purchase!
  • Upload your receipt using the free app or via your computer.
  • Once you hit $20 in your balance account, Checkout 51 will cut you a check! Simple as that.

Plus, if you sign up for Checkout 51 now, they’ll give you added $2 bonus when you upload your first grocery receipt (of $20 or more).

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  1. I love the idea of these types of websites/apps, but with Checkout 51 waiting until $20 for a check is frustrating! I think it took me a year or more to reach $10 with SavingStar. I’m not going to buy things just to buy them. But I guess there’s no harm either with this, right?

    • Hmmm, I see what you mean. I think the $20 is fairly quick to earn, tho, since their offers reset every Thursday. Also, while I totally agree about not buying things you don’t need (no money savings there!) with offers like $.50 back on eggs, most every week has *something* I can take advantage of! Hope you’ll find the same.

  2. Thanks Mara,

    Signed up and already have $3 coming back – Ibotta I found to be a pain but I already like this one!

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