Coca-Cola Rewards Program (By Mr. KOAB)

My husband is back today to share all the details on another fun and easy rewards program that he uses to win our family awesome freebies, like free subscriptions to Oprah Magazine! If you missed his first post about the Disney Rewards Program, you’ll definitely want to check that out, too!

Who here drinks Coca-Cola products?

We all do, right? Some more than others, but we all drink it. In fact, in my life, I have only come across one person – the wife of a very good friend – who has never had a Coke. (Can you imagine?!)

We all have our preferences (Cherry Coke Zero for me, Regular Coke with crushed ice – preferably from a fountain machine – for Ms. KOAB) and we all have our frequencies.  But I think it’s safe to say, we all down several liters or more of the sweet stuff every year.

The question is how can we turn drinking soda pop into something nice for our pockets?

Enter My Coke Rewards, Coca-Cola’s loyalty program. It’s pretty much as straightforward as they come. Buy a Coke. Get a code. Enter the code into your account at Get points. Redeem points for stuff.

Here’s the rest of what you need to know:

  • The points are under bottle caps, but not in cans.
  • However, there are codes in the boxes when you buy cans by the box/case.
  • Bottles are generally worth 3 points, 12-packs of cans are 10 points, and cases are 25.

Point are available on virtually ALL Coke brands and flavors. Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta, Pibb, PowerAde, Barqs and even some Minute Maid stuff. And more. Occasionally, there will even be a double points promotion for certain products.

Initially I cashed in our Coke points for Magazine subscriptions. I got GQ when we first moved to America so I could learn how to dress not like an Israeli. Later I got Mara a year of Oprah.

However, there are hundreds of other options in the catalog, from coupons for more Coke, dozens of other magazine subscription, Coca-Cola novelties, gift cards, sweepstakes entries and lots, lots more! You can even donate your points to schools and other select charities.

Recently, they have added special deals on Wednesdays. The best was a coupon for a free 12-pack for 30 points instead of 240 points. This past week it was a one-year subscription to Cosmopolitan for 125 points instead of 250.

My kids seem to think that if we get enough points, they will get to have an XBox or a 3D TV. So sometimes they will grab all the extra bottle caps at the shul Kiddush or come home from the playground with one they found on the ground.

I think it’s highly unlikely that we will wind up with either of those megaprizes, but I dutifully enter the codes – and while I’m there I make a free entry in the Coca-Cola Family Night PlayStation®Move Sweepstakes – and make sure to come back on Wednesdays to check that week’s deal. If I happen to see anything else I really want, I might even splurge. After all, it’s only Coke points!


  1. We (as in my husband) have been doing Coke Rewards since they first started. We really wanted the old fashioned coke machine – for 18,000 points! We weren’t able to get the machine, but have gotten a portable grill, basketball, small hand vacuum, telescope, Shutterfly pictures/calendars and a few other little things. We have people collecting points all over the place ;). Thanks Mr. KOAB.

    • Woohoo – you guys rock the MyCokeRewards! Isn’t it funny how both of our husbands are the ones that love doing this?

  2. You can tell Mr. KOAB that I’ve only had one sip of Coke in my life — and I didn’t like it! — but that N will be responsible for entering his points and finding us free stuff.

  3. We’ve been pretty sucessful in cutting soda out of our diet, but when we do slip up, we enter our codes and donate them to my daughter’s school. I’m not sure how much they get, but every little bit helps.

  4. Lets just say that in our business…. coke rewards rock!!

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