THIS JUST IN! Coconut Oil Kosher for Pesach Without a KLP Hechsher (2017)

spectrum virgin coconut oilYOU GUYS!

So, as you know by now, in years past, the OU has said that Spectrum Coconut Oil does not require a special KLP hechsher.

Last year, however, the OU Guide to Passover said that it was going to require a special KLP hechsher to use the coconut oil on Pesach.


But this year (2017), I’ve got GOOD news for you! Per the OU Kashrus Hotline, you may use the Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil (Unrefined, aka Virgin — not Extra Virgin) without the P!

This same information is also confirmed in Rabbi Eidletz’s Passover Guide.

Update: And here it is in writing, via the Webbe Rebbe.


I’m also seeing reports that Trader Joe’s Organic Triple Filtered Virgin Coconut Oil (certified by Kosher Check) does not require a P this year. I have a call into them to verify this and will update this post when I know for sure.

Update: Per KosherCheck, this product is allowed

Disclaimer: I’m just sharing the information that I received from the OU phone hotline. If you have further questions, I suggest that you contact them as well — or you can of course ask your local rabbi!


  1. Have you guys tried melting the coconut oil in the microwave with dark chocolate? Makes amazing shell!!!

  2. The linked website above to Kosher Check’s KLP Trader Joe’s items lists the virgin coconut oil. Does that mean the triple filtered is not Ok?

  3. Triple filtered us, by definition, not virgin. Which is the acceptable TJ’s one+

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