Commando Tights for 20% Off + FREE Shipping (Best.Tights.EVER!)

Hands down, the best tights I own are the Commando Ultimate Opaque Matte 70 Denier Tights by In the Mood Intimates. They aren’t cheap, but they have this proprietary “dig-free waistband” that is beyond amazing.

They should patent that thing because all tights companies are going to switch to it when the word gets out.

Because I love them so much, I reached out to Commando and begged them for some coupon codes for my readers. They graciously agreed to give KOAB readers 20% off + FREE shipping!

Just use the code 20COMMAND to save 20% off your tights — making them $27.20 per pair — and the code BUDGETSHIP to get your shipping FREE (no minimum).

Yes, these codes are stackable. And yes, the BUDGETSHIP code will work on anything in your cart.

Choose from black, grey or chocolate – in sizes small, medium and large.

Now, I will tell you – up front – you can definitely get cheaper tights. And some of you may think that I’ve gone off the deep end paying $27 for ONE pair of tights.

But this is one of those little luxuries I allow myself, because these tights are SO incredibly comfortable.

wrote a whole review of them here, but here are the highlights:

These tights are amazingly comfortable thanks to their dig-free waistband.

I seriously don’t understand why all tights aren’t made this way! Until you’ve tried it, you can’t image what it’s like to have a flat, comfortable panel against your belly. Awesome!

Plus, they are just as “shaping” as my control top tights. And thanks to the waistband, there’s no uncomfortable pooch coming out the top of my tights. (Did I just admit that on the Internet?)

The black is an opaque matte, which is what I prefer – not too much sheen and not at all see-through.

I just heard from Rivka S.,  a reader who bought these tights when I posted about them a few days ago — she already got hers and loves them.

THEY ARE SOOOO COMFORTABLE!!! oh my gosh. you’re the best!

Yay! Another fan! I know – they’re not cheap. But seriously, I wouldn’t rave like this if these weren’t really something special. If you tried them out, I’d love to hear what you think.

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  1. Lauren Rosen Gerofsky says

    Because I generally live in pants, I wonder about the differences between tights and leggings (pantyhose I understand.) I am not a frum dresser, but not interested in “showing off” to the world. I am a mom. I recently bought an Indian inspired just about-to-the-knee length tunic. Are these tights appropriate for the tunic, do you think? Or am I looking for leggings? Not your usual question, but happy for your thoughts, thanks! Maybe a different bottom entirely?

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