Costco | 12-Month MoviePass and Fandor Subscription eVoucher $89.99

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If you’re a Costco member, you can get a 12-Month MoviePass and Fandor Subscription eVoucher for $89.99 right now from

This pass allows you to view as much as one movie everyday at participating movie theaters for a year (excluding 3D and IMAX).

Not a Costco member? Non-members can still get it for $94.48.

This eVoucher also comes with a year long Fandor subscription, which is a streaming service with over 5,000 movies.

Simply purchase the MoviePass voucher, and you’ll be emailed a code to enroll online. After you are enrolled, you will be sent a MoviePass Debit Card which you will use to redeem your tickets at the box office.

If you go to the movies once a month, this is an incredible deal. It works out to be just $7.50 per year — and I don’t even think you can get matinee tickets for that anymore!

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