Coupon Insert Preview for Week of 1/9/11 & Great Deals on Newspaper Subscriptions

My favorite source for coupons is the Sunday paper. I just grab those inserts, label them with my Sharpie (the date and the name of the insert – RP for Red Plum; SS for Smart Source), and toss them into my coupon file box. That way, when I need a coupon, I can just flip to right month, find the insert, clip my coupon and refile the insert. Easy peasy.

If you are wondering what coupons will be coming up in Sunday’s paper, you can get a quick preview here. Keep in mind that there may be regional differences affecting what coupons show up in your inserts.

I definitely recommend that you subscribe to the paper once you are ready to take your couponing to the next level. We get a great deal on our local paper, paying just $1.75 for Thursday – Sunday — that’s half of what I’d pay to buy just the Sunday paper at the store.

To find great deals on your local newspaper, plug in your zip code to the Discount Newspaper Finder. Kansas City friends – they have that $1.75 deal that we got available now.


  1. Hi,
    I have a question that doesn’t have to do with this exact post but I thought you might know the answer since you are the CVS guru :). I looked on their website but could not find a coupon policy regarding expired ECB. Do you know if they will take them if they are expired? I missed the deadline for mine by a few days (that’s what happens when pregnant/work full-time/ have 4 kids) and I want to know if I can still use them! Thanks so much! And I loooooooooove your blog!

    • There isn’t an official policy, so it’s up to the individual store. Most managers will take them a few days up to a week expired. If you have more than one store near you, you might find that one doesn’t take them past a day or two, but the other one will — that’s what I have found! In other words, it definitely doesn’t hurt to ask (and if you can find a manager to ask, all the better!).

  2. Thank you!!!

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