CVS Black Friday Brag Post!

The CVS Black Friday Sale started yesterday – and a number of readers got in on the early action.

Some of them used the 5-transaction scenario I laid out – and others put together their own super money-saving deals. All of them did AWESOME! I’m so impressed with everyone! 🙂

Here’s a fun pictorial peak at some of their CVS successes.

From Lesley ~  I spent $15.71, which I used my Cvs gift cards from previous weeks (so no actual cash from my bank account), and I have $17.97 in ECBs to use later.  I couldn’t have done it without you!  Thanks for putting the list together and helping my family save lots of money!

From Kimberly ~ We did ok for our first try. DH says he now gets the game and we can do better. We spent $17.64 for what would cost $45.64 and have $16.81 in ECBs left. Would have done better but the checkout lady ran the first two transactions together.  The picture is missing the Carmex lip balm that is hiding under the towel.

From Shelley ~ [I did] countless transaction (my cashier was AMAZING – I even did a little shopping for her !) on 3 cards. $1.50 starting in ECB. 2 x $5/$25. $29.49 OOP. $41.75 ECB. GRAND TOTAL: $12.26 money maker. (I didn’t have a ton of coupons, so I’m thrilled with this!)

From Toby ~ I started with $7 ecb (from the Aveeno money maker, was $3.24 OOP then), had $6.69 OOP today, remain with $11.91 ecb.

And here’s my transaction – I followed my five transactions, but I did make a few substitutions on the spot. The only thing that didn’t go according to plan was that a few of the coupons that should have produced overaged beeped, so the cashier had to adjust them down. It happened on the Bayer aspirin, for example, so that turned out to be  “just” free, rather than a money-maker. My total out of pocket was $7.03 + tax and I earned $21.96 in ECBs for next time I shop at CVS!

Any one else score big at CVS – or any of the other Black Friday sales? Feel free to BRAG in the comments!



  1. I took advantage of the Lands’ End deal you posted and got backpacks for all four of my boys for later, a sweater, a top and shoes for me, and swim trunks for my hubby (savings of $40 the coupon code, which doesn’t include that they were already marked down prices). Thanks for your tip! I also went to Target this morning and got everything I wanted on my list. I saved $30 in coupons and my red card (including two free packs of pens and a free soda). I got so many great deals on pajamas, hat and glove sets, a blender, and a few toys (savings from sale items = $42.48, not including special low-priced items that were made just for Black Friday). I decided not to go anywhere else since I had spent enough with these two places! Thanks for all your great tips! A friend of mine said she spent two hours last night looking at everything on your site. She is now convinced!

  2. I went with my mom to Kolhs at midnight. That was some crazy stuff! I only went to get a crockpot. She got some other kitchen items. But seeing all those people in line was interesting. I guess they had to do more shopping than I did, since they don’t read KOAB they don’t know about deals through out the year . 😉

  3. I went to CVS Thursday morning and got pretty much all of the freebies with my own planned transactions (I didn’t have all of the coupons). I spent $7.82 OOP and left with about $16 ECB. My total MSRP was over $100! Yay!

    This morning I got the Walmart LEGO deal for an XXL box –1600+ pieces for $30! I’m still keeping an eye out for a few other things, but those are by far the best deals thus far.

  4. I got the leapfrog explorer for 1/2 off at b&n!

  5. I went to CVS for a “practice run” at midnight, and then did another run in the morning with my KOAB buddy Lisa. I only split my transactions in two, so I ended up paying $51.53 oop with $75.25 back in ECBs, for a profit of $23.38 on $199.24 MSRP. I also did Walgreens – $6.83 oop, rolled $4 RR and got $10.50 RR back, plus product worth $83.63 MSRP.
    I even did the blah sale at Rite Aid (mostly for the cheap Diet Coke and Charmin) and spent $26.29 oop, rolled $13 UPR and got back $15.98 UPR for $84.09 MSRP in product. So all in, $366.96 MSRP of product for an after-tax profit of $.08. Yay KOAB!!!

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