CVS Deals for 2/12/12 – 2/18/12

Here are the best kosher deals that I see at CVS this week. If you are new to bargain shopping at CVS, I recommend that you read my How to Shop at CVS Tutorial and check out this video post with some tips on making the most of the deals at CVS.

[coupon-list id=”49″]


  1. I’m new to CVS, and last week was my first time shopping there with all the knowledge gleaned from KOAB. I happened to notice on the bottom shelf in the toothpaste area some clearance Colgate that might work with one of the coupons above. I bought last week and got a good deal, but it would probably be even better this week.

  2. did well at CVS today: 2 Nivea body wash, 2 Nivea lipbalms, got2b mousse, and Colgate for 6.77 after using $5 ECB from last week….plus I got $5 more this time. Thanks!

  3. Do I really want to buy a few boxes of Cheerios 7 weeks (shhhh!) before Pesach? With the coupons I printed earlier this week, you bet I do!

  4. The Irish spring and softsoap extra bucks deal also includes speed stick. If you’re like me and real life interfered with getting to CVS for the great speed stick deal a couple weeks ago, you can try again now using the B1G1 on speed stick, the $5 rebate from that same insert (don’t remember which), and all the same coupons listed above for the extra bucks. I got two deodorants and four body washes for 25 cents apiece and could have done better if I’d had multiple copies of the big coupons like some people do. And the rebate is for a $10 purchase and includes Colgate, so I’m sure some clever person can work out a great deal using the free Colgate this week and that B1G1 on speedstick.

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