CVS: FREE Bag Tag This Week (= FREE Extra Care Bucks)

Quick heads up – when you stop into CVS this week, be sure to scan your CVS Extra Care Bucks card at the Magic Coupon Machine.

It’s printing out a FREE green bag tag. CVS rewards you for using a cloth bag when you have the bag tag attached. They’ll scan your tag and every four times you shop with your bag, you will get $1 in Extra Care Bucks. I have two of the tags already, but picked up the free one today – yes, there are days when I need THREE cloth bags for all my loot at CVS!

If you’re not familiar with the Magic Coupon Machine, it’s a red scanner machine, which you will probably find near the front of the store. You should always scan your CVS card there, as it prints out store coupons. Be sure to scan your card twice, as usually you can get two different sets of coupons (my FREE bag tag was in the second set, for example).

Stay tuned later today for a run-down on how I did this week. Hint: I got the $10 BP gas card!


  1. I just took mine out of the bag and realized it’s not an actual bag! lol. I need to remember to bring reusable bags with me when I shop.

  2. Jennifer S says

    So you can scan more than one green bag tag in one transaction? I had thought it was one scan per tag, no matter how many reusable bags you used.

    Good to know, since I have two now (I picked up the free one tonight “just because”–well, because I can’t resist something free!)

    • I know! That’s my biggest challenge. I can’t tell you how often I’ve checked out at Costco, only to realize my bags were in the car!

      • Oops that last reply was to Dara, not Jennifer.

        Jennifer – I have found that when I have separate tags on separate bags, they will scan one tag per day. But, they won’t scan the same tag more than once in a day. Hope that makes sense.

        • Wait – so you’re saying that they won’t scan the tag more than once a day ANd they will only scan one tag per day? So why have more than one tag?

          • No – I’m saying that based on my experience, they will scan one tag per bag. If you buy three bags worth of stuff, and have three tags – one on each bag – my experience is that they will scan all three. Each bag accrues it’s own count. If you have three bags worth of stuff, but only have one tag – you can’t scan *that* one tag three times. Does that make sense now?

            I think this might be a YMMV situation, as someone commented earlier on the FB page that they can only get one tag scanned per day total – no matter how many tags they have. I am going to email CVS corporate to clarify.

        • Jennifer S says

          Hmmm…yesterday I went to two different CVS’s and both scanned my tag. Just checked the receipts and I definitely got credit for both scans. So it seems that you can get it scanned more than once in a day (although maybe if you go to the same CVS and the cashier remembers you, s/he might refuse to scan it again).

          Thanks for checking this out, Mara–I’m curious to know what the actual CVS policy is. I had been assuming that it was one scan per transaction, but obviously others are having different experiences.

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