CVS’ Green Bag Tag Program Discontinued

free bag tag at cvs

For my CVS shoppers…

I’ve got some bad news about the CVS Bag Tag program.

As of today, 4/29, they are discontinuing this program that allowed you to earn $1 ECBs for every four times you had your cloth bag tag scanned at checkout.

The good news is that thru the end of May, you will get a one-time gift of a $2 ECB for scanning your tag. The ECB will print at the bottom of your receipt.

I have been told that this will run thru May 31st, so be sure to have your tag scanned.

Thanks, Chana, for the heads up on this.


  1. $2 seems very generous, $1 payback for the tag purchase and $1 to cover any partial progress you made toward your next reward. Sad to see the program go, though. i made a lot of money off of it.

  2. Sad to see this gravy train leave the station. Farewell.

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