CVS: Unadvertised ECB Deal = Free EOS Lip Balm

Woohoo! I am so excited to share this deal because I just love EOS lip balm.

I quickly stopped into CVS this afternoon to roll $4 in ECBs that were about to expire. The only thing I “needed” was the Purex laundy detergents, but that would only come to $1.98. So, I quickly cruised the aisles to look for a $2.02 filler – ideally one that would give me some ECBs back.

Well, guess what I found? Hanging out on an end cap, right by the pharmacy… an unadvertised ECB Deal… on EOS Lip Balm, my total favorite!

EOS Lip Balm – Sale price: $2.99
Earn $2.99 ECBs
= FREE after ECBs!

Since this wasn’t advertised in my flyer, I can’t promise you that it will be at every CVS. But if you find it at your store, let us know. Even if it’s not tagged, you can always bring up to checkout and see what happens. If no ECBs prints, you can feel free to return it.

The only flavors at my store were Summer Fruit & Lemon Drop.

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P.S. I was so excited to find this deal that I took a picture of the ECB hangtag with my cell phone. (Yes, I am that much of a geek!)  Then I got home and realized I have no idea where the cord is to download pixs from my phone. Anyone know another way to get pictures off the phone?


  1. can your phone send email?

    • I’m guessing not? Gosh, I’m pretty clueless, but since I don’t pay for Internet, I assume not.

      • if you send it in a picture message (like a text message) just send it to an email address instead of a phone number. That is what my husband does on his phone.

  2. Does your phone have a memory card that you can take out?

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