CVS: Update on the Get-2-Free Photobook Deal

Two quick notes on the CVS photo deal:

1. If you didn’t get your coupon when I posted about it last week, that link is no longer good. But you can try this one to print a Buy One Get One Free coupon, which you can couple with the BOGO sale, to get TWO 10-page 8.5 x 11 or 8 x 10 photobooks for free!

2. I was at my CVS today picking up my free Tone bodywash and I learned two important things about this deal:

  • According to the manager, you can either bring in a CD or flashdrive of your pictures and put together your album at the store, or you can do it online and send it to print at your nearest CVS. (The second option sound infinitely easier to me!)
  • More importantly, the machine that prints these books is currently broken. Nationwide. Again, according to this manager, they aren’t sure when they will be fixed, but the deal will remain in effect until they are fixed — in case it isn’t this week. I did ask for a raincheck and he said I won’t need one.  CVS will honor the sale.

If you are planning to get these photobooks, I would definitely call your CVS ahead of time and make sure that the machines are working. If not, you might want to ask about a rain check, just to make sure you’re covered!


  1. funny that you just posted this – i just came back from cvs, i figured out that i could probably put the book together online and just go to the store to pick it up, but it was taking forever to upload my pics to the cvs site so i decided to go to the store and just do it there…anyways, the machine wasn’t broken but i had a heck of a time convincing the cashier (and the manager) that since cvs was offering a bogo, AND i had a coupon from kodak for bogo, both should be free…they tried telling me that since one discount came off, they couldn’t use the kodak coupon…i told them that they’d be reimbursed by kodak for the coupon, still didn’t want to take it, finally the manager agreed to put in the discount manually – and i got my 2 free photobooks but i think he still wasn’t convinced…hope the rest of you have an easier time of it!

    • Looks like your “what to do when your cashier is not coupon friendly” skills got a real workout! Ugh. Sorry it was such a run-around, but I’m glad you got your books! Hope they’re gorg and you enjoy them!

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