Day #1 Hotspot Challenge: Entryway / Landing Spot Results!

Are you joining me for the Hotspot Challenge?

How is Day #1 going for you??

I’ve heard from a number of you via email and it sounds like you are making real progress! Way to go! I am SO proud of you and excited for you to clear those hotspots – and take back control of your home!

Today’s challenge wasn’t so terrible for me, largely because I just came up with the three-drawer solution already last week, so a lot of the “heavy labor” was already done. Even still, stuff spirals out of control quickly, so this was definitely a good reminder to me of the CRITICAL importance of those daily maintenance chores!

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First things first, I turned on the timer on my phone, since I knew I didn’t want to go past 20 minutes. Then I started in at the front door area, where I pulled some outdated announcements off the (magnetic) door, threw out a dog harness (which the dog had chewed through!), and tossed that towel into the laundry room. (The towel was to help with dry-offs after a few days of torrential rain last week.)

I also tossed some garbage from those little “shelf things” (technical term) around the door, and then decluttered and straightened the pile of shoes.


Moving on to the dining room table – which is most definitely part of our ‘landing spot’ – I put dirty dishes in the sink (clear the clutter!), recycled the newspapers and a few of the kids’ school papers, and separated and piled up the kids’ school books.


The final landing spot area in our home is this little built-in cubby. There’s actually a shelf above the coats, which I should have included in the “before” picture, since it was overflowing with baseball gear. (Why do we have three kids and seven mitts?)
I moved that equipment down to our basement sports “zone” (yes, we have a sports zone!), and then tidied up the TO BE RETURNED pile, which included some too-big tzitzit that need to be exchanged, a novel I borrowed from a friend, and my niece’s blankie that got left at my house on Shabbat. I also tossed a container of slime (shhhh, don’t tell!) – which as it turned out, was the most satisfying declutter of the day!

Last but not least, I “containerized” the kids’ school books into their drawers (love that thing!), threw a table cloth (and some tulips) on the dining room table, and turned off my timer!


How did your day go? I can’t wait to hear!

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