Day #4 Hotspot Challenge | Bathroom {Results}

Good evening! Are you participating in the 5-Day Hotspot Challenge?

Today, we were focused on clearing a bathroom – and honestly if all you had time for was a counter or a cabinet, that’s awesome, too!

Remember: Your home’s hotspots didn’t pop up overnight, and they’re not going to disappear overnight, either.

What will get you there is constant, steady attention, using my 7-step process (bottom of this post), coupled with quick daily maintenance!

Here’s what I accomplished in 23 minutes and 31 seconds (I keep forgetting to take a picture of my timer!). I know I went a bit over that 20 minute timer, but I also snuck in a quick full cleaning of the bathroom as well.

As I said this morning, part of my challenge is that we never really set up a system for containing our stuff. So, whenever I’d try to organize this chaos, it wouldn’t “stick”. Because I didn’t have a designated spot to (intentionally) put the stuff when I was done with it.

To solve this problem, I first decluttered the heck out of the bathroom. Medications we use once in a blue moon, if that, got relegated to a deeper storage area in our walk-in closet. Now I only keep the stuff we use regularly – Advil, Tylenol and Aleve, plus melatonin and baby Aspirin.

I cut down on our toothbrush collection (how do we always have five times as many brushes as people???) and swapped out the heads on our electric toothbrushes.

I also decluttered under the sink – using up almost empty cleaning supplies and dumping empty shampoo bottles. I corralled like with like – like all our ‘sample sizes’ (which we use when flying) – and then containerized in simple plastic shoebox. Of course I just had to label them with my beloved Brother P-Touch.

Finally, I grabbed some IKEA containers to contain our q-tips, cotton balls and my hair ties and bands. I am a little nervous about having glass in the bathroom, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

But enough about me…. tell us: How is your bathroom hotspot clear-out coming along? UPDATE US!

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