Deal Pulp: Update on the $5 Credit

Did any of you sign up for Deal Pulp yesterday in order to buy the gift card? I understand that some of you have had trouble getting your $5 credit – particularly during the afternoon hours.

If you didn’t get your $5 credit, take heart: I just received an email from Deal Pulp, and it looks like this was unintentional (and here I was assuming they had pulled the plug without telling us).

Apparently there was a “glitch” in their system – and the $5 credit IS still available. Not sure how that will help you with your purchase of yesterday’s deal, but in any case, if you signed up and didn’t get the $5, please contact me and I will do my best to get you credited.

While this offer is still valid, for a brief period of time yesterday a glitch in our system prevented some qualified users from receiving their credit.

If any of your readers did not receive their $5 credit when signing up through your referral link yesterday, please contact us here and we’ll gladly add a credit to any account that was affected by the glitch.  We apologize for any confusion this caused you and your readers.


  1. I got the credit but did it today so I missed yesterday’s deal…oh well. Thanks for the tip, tho!! Shabbat shalom!

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