Discount Magazines Black Friday Sale – 80 Titles for Under $4


Discount Mags is having a HUGE Black Friday Magazine Sale.

You can get discounted multi-year subscriptions on over 80 different magazines for as low as $3.49/year.

The longer a subscription you buy, the more you save – so a three-year subscription is less than a two-year one. But even shorter subscriptions are under $5.

Here are the ones I’m most excited about:

Sale prices are valid through Sunday, 11/25.


  1. When I add to cart, the full price appears, not the discounted one. Is anyone else having this issue?

    • Oh shoot – I’m moving to quickly this morning. Use the coupon code KOSHERBUDGET.

      I’m going to update the post. Please let me know if that works for you!


  2. It’s still not giving me the prices you quoted.

  3. Now it is, I guess it’s being finicky 🙂 Thanks for your quick help!

  4. The code gives a discount, but not the promised one. I cannot get any of the titles you listed for $3.49. Very disappointing!

  5. Hi
    Both my co-worker and I tried it and the discount code is for a 20% discount (which is not anywhere near the $3.49 per year).

  6. this coupon is not valid for the items in ur cart – I have Elle, Bon Appetite, and haperz bazaar

  7. Okay, guys. The prices are automatic – you do NOT need a coupon code. I’ve removed that from the post.

    Simply select the number of years that you want and the price will auto-adjust.

    The prices that you are seeing are for the total life of the subscription.

    Divide that by the number of years to get the per year cost!!

  8. With or without a code, the magazine prices you’ve listed are completely off. For example, you say that Atlantic Monthly would be $3.99/year. However, the best price I can get, with or without a code, is $19.19.

    I love your blog and check in daily, but this promotion is simply sending me on a wild goose chase. You should remove it if it’s not working.

    • Wow, Rachel – I don’t know what to tell you, but Atlantic Monthly (and the rest) are working with that link on all three of my computers (and I just called two friends and asked them to check).

      Maybe try clearing your cache?

      I am sorry you are frustrated, and I can understand – with all the great deals, the energy levels get pumping!

      But I’m not having any issues on my end, so I don’t know how to trouble shoot for you. If you want to email me directly, maybe I can help you more?

  9. The prices are working for me. Some of them you need to purchase 3 of to get the lower price. So Vegetarian Times is $11.98 for 3 years, equaling out to $3.99 per year.
    Not sure why everyone is confused.

  10. Mara,

    As you suggested, I cleaned out my cache before trying again, but am getting nowhere. This is what I get when I try getting a subscription to Bon Appetit (which you have listed at $3.99/year. Even when I try subscribing for 3 years, I don’t get the discount. Here’s what my checkout for 3 years of Bon Appetite looks like:

    Offer KOSHERBUDGET applied



  11. Does this work for renewals? Thanks!!

  12. Hey Mara,

    So I just ordered 3 YEARS worth of Harpers Bazaar, Elle and Bon Appetite for a total of $34.00 – WOW! that makes each magazine 30 cents a PIECE! Thank you so much!!!


  13. For some reason the prices are listed as 7.98 for me but when I put them in my cart the price shows as 29.90 each. Weird. I sent them an e-mail so they can fix it on their end. Will let you know if they respond.

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