{Last Day} Discount Mags New Year’s Sale

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health & fitness magazine deals

Today is your last day to take advantage of Discount Mags’ New Year’s sale on Health & Fitness Magazines.

If that’s one of your goals for 2015, you might want to check these out. Also, I see some of the most popular titles among KOAB readers included – so even if you’re not interested in losing weight or getting in shape, this is a great sale. 😉

Here is just a sample of the magazines you can get in today’s sale:

Eating Category

Health Category

Fitness Category

Treadmill Reads Category (Ha! This category cracks me up!)

  • Us Weekly (1yrs: $19.99, 2yrs: $39.98, 3yrs: $59.97)
  • Star (1yrs: $14.99, 2yrs: $24.99)
  • OK! (1yrs: $14.99, 2yrs: $24.99, 3yrs: $29.99)
  • MAD (1yrs: $11.99, 2yrs: $23.98, 3yrs: $35.97)

Women’s Category

  • Glamour (1yrs: $4.99, 2yrs: $9.98, 3yrs: $14.97, 4yrs: $19.96)
  • Self (1yrs: $4.99, 2yrs: $9.98, 3yrs: $14.97)
  • Vogue (1yrs: $5.99, 2yrs: $11.98, 3yrs: $17.97)

Discount Magazine deals never auto-renew, so you don’t have to worry about getting dinged in two years at a much higher rate! All prices are good on new, renewing and gift subscriptions.

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