Disney Movie Rewards Program (A guestpost from Mr. KOAB)

My husband and I have a pretty good division of labor when it comes to our deal seeking stuff. I save us beaucoup bucks at the grocery stores, drug stores and Target, and he earns us all sorts of freebies by using rewards programs.

From FREE DVDs to FREE year-long subscrpitions to Oprah Magazine and Sports Illustrated, my husband is the master of the reward program freebies. Over the next month, he will be sharing all he knows about some of the most popular programs, starting today with the Disney Reward Program. Please make him feel welcome!

It is a great honor for me that the KOAB leadership has allowed me to make a guest post. This post has been several weeks in the making, but was delayed due to some tricky negotiations over compensation and the collective bargaining agreement. Alas we have found a working accord that will allow me to appear on your computer screens.

For my first KOAB post, I’d like to address the very manly topic of Disney Movie Rewards Points.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell: Whenever you purchase a Disney CD/DVD/Blu-ray, there is a code inside that you enter on their website for points. And those points can be converted into free stuff, from little chotchkies to movie posters to DVDs or Blu-rays (both kiddie and grownup movies).

Where Disney separates themselves from the other reward-type programs is with a fair amount of free codes that allow you to rack up points without spending any money. They include codes in their newsletter, through contests, to mark holidays etc.

Of course the big payoff is with movies, but looking through the cache of codes I entered, that is clearly a small amount of my total points, which has already netted me a Blu-ray of my choice (the basketball movie Glory Road, which really was MY choice).

However when you do purchase a movie with a digital copy included and enter the code into your rewards, you can also sign in to your account from anywhere and have access to said film online. A perk that we have admittedly never used, but could one day come in handy.

Another way of snagging points was something I recently tried out and it worked splendidly. When you go to a new Disney release, you can scan your ticket stubs and email them in for more points. So when my mother-in-law took the boys to see Tangled, I grabbed the stubs when they came home, followed the Disney procedure and a few days later had 150 points in my account!

So, if all that isn’t enough to convince you, how about knowing that if you join Disney Rewards now, you can start with over 400 points?! Here is a list of codes that can net you some easy points to get you started – enough for a poster or to be well on your way to the free DVDs and more.

Here’s how:

1. Register for Disney Movie Rewards

2. Complete a brief survey and get 100 points.

3. Complete your profile and get 25 points.

4. Under “Enter Magic Code” on the right, enter the following codes:

  • CHIHUAHUA – 25 points
  • D11M20R01NY – 50 points
  • COOL – 50 points
  • 9EKSMN38SH – 50 points
  • 9FTMRYWEK – 50 points
  • FPSNN83JX9 – 25 points
  • REX – 25 points
  • M39V03SSW – 5 points w/ code

If you have any questions, let me know – I’m happy to help!


  1. This may be the best post ever at KOAB. Kudos to the author

  2. I hear management can be tough – I hope you held your grounds in negotiations. You have been getting freebies for as long as I can remember. However this is a step up from the time you bought 6 cases of diet coke so you could collect each promotional beanie baby that came as a gift.

  3. I tried putting in these codes & it said not live-I was already a member-5 Fall codes worked Help?

  4. most of the codes were not live. the last one was unknown. Only one worked. better than none.

  5. I think FPSNN83JX9 still works. Thanks.

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