Reader Tip | DIY To Save Money on Simple Car Repairs

Save money on simple car repairs by learning how to DIY. From changing light bulbs and wiper blades to air filters and tires, it's not difficult once you learn how!Want to save money on car repairs? Check out this great tip from KOAB reader, Yehudah.

I love your blog and wanted to share this idea with you – I think it’s a great way to save money. I wasn’t sure if you discussed saving money by doing auto-repairs yourself or not. (Note from Mara: I haven’t! So I’m glad you sent me your email, Yehudah!)

I wouldn’t advocate the messy complicated things, but simple things like changing your air filters, wiper blades, and light bulbs can save $100’s over the life of your car. I’ve taught myself a few of these things, and these aren’t make-it-or-break-it for the car. i.e I’m not touching the engine, oil, tires, brakes etc.. though that would save money as well. I just don’t trust myself with learning that via You Tube.

I recently purchased and installed an air filter for my car (accessed through the glove box, no messiness at all) from Amazon for around $9, when the dealer wanted $50.

Where to Find YouTube Tutorials on Car Repair

In terms of finding YouTube videos, I recommend doing a specific search when you need to find something. Not all car models have the same type of wiper blade connectors, filter etc, so you may need to do a new search for your specific car.

Unfortunately there is no single auto repairs “series” on YouTube that I have found. I would also disclaim that you should be at least mildly handy before attempting any auto repairs.

Thanks, Yehudah! What a great tip. And way to save $41 thru your self sufficiency! My husband Frankie does swap out our wiper blades and light bulbs — and now I’m excited for him to try the air filter. Fortunately he’s a handy one, since I’m all thumbs when it comes to DIY.

Do you have a quick-and-easy money saving tip to share with KOAB readers? Please send it to me — I’d love to spread the word.


  1. We found that places like Pep Boys install wiper blades for free if you buy them there.

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