Download FREE Mama Doni Song ~ Rasta Pasta

Last week, at Kosherfest 2011, I got to meet the irrepressible Mama Doni. She is a song-writer, singer and story-teller, who creates a truly unique brand of Jewish kids’ music.

Aside from being beyond talented, Doni is just the sweetest person you will ever meet. She makes everyone feel good – whether you’re a grown-up chatting with her about her new partnership with Streit’s Matzah (“get some music with your matzh”!) or a kiddo rocking out at one of her rollicking concerts.

But enough gushing…

The purpose of this post is really to let you know that right now, you (er, I mean your kids) can join the Mama Doni fan club and get a FREE download of her hit song Rasta Pasta (yup, it’s a Passover song). Just enter the promo code STREITSROCKS to get your free song.


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