Drugstore.com | Reach Floss for $.23 or 2 Reach Toothbrushes for $.49 – Shipped (Shop Runner)

Drugstore.com is offering a great deal right now on Reach products with a $1 off coupon, making them less than a quarter each.

Add either the Clean Burst Waxed Dental Floss in Icy Spearmint for $1.23 or the 2-Pack of Reach Crystal Clean Toothbrush Value Pack, Soft for $1.49 to your cart.

Click the $1 Online Coupon Box (right under the product description) and proceed to check-out.

If you have a ShopRunner account, make sure to sign in, because you will get your cheapy toothbrushes or dental floss shipped for FREE as well. (Otherwise free shipping from Drugstore.com only kicks in when you spend $25+.)

Thanks, Caroline via Frugal Finders!

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  1. I just tried doing this, but it says the item is “shoprunner ineligible”, so it won’t let me purchase using that as my shipping method (even though I signed in). Bummer!

    • Hmm, that’s so weird – I just did it and it worked for me. Do you see the banner on the right that says “Eligible for ShopRunner”. Did you click that and sign in?

  2. It looks like it’s eligible until the last page, and then I get the “ineligible” message, and it won’t let me do the checkout. Weird — I’m trying for the soft brushes…is that the same one, or maybe the firm ones work and soft doesn’t?

    • Ugh, that’s so frustrating. I got the firm – so maybe try that (although it looks like it should work for both.)

      Also, try clearing your cache and logging back into ShopRunner from the Drugstore.com site. Don’t know why that would matter, but sometimes it helps.

  3. Jill at Coupon-Smart says

    Awesome deal! Thanks for posting1

  4. I get the same error message. It lets me start out, but then won’t let me finish the transaction.

  5. Robin – I had the same problem with it saying it wasn’t eligible for shop runner. However, after I clicked on the button to remove ineligible items, it let me place my exact same order as before for the 2 toothbrushes. $.49 total.

  6. Neither of them work with shoprunner for me. Although it seemed like it worked when I first logged in and tried to check out… maybe they changed it…

  7. Oh, I’m so sorry if it isn’t working… 🙁 🙁

  8. I’m baffled as to why it’s not working for you guys. I’d suggest clearing your cache, starting from the beginning and logging into ShopRunner from the product page.

    Sorry you’re having a hard time 🙁

  9. OK, I did what Rochel said. (I think I actually navigated away from Drugstore.com and then came back too.) It works now!

  10. I keep trying this, and I keep getting the error that I must remove the product from bag as its not shoprunner eligible 🙁

  11. I’ve definitely spent way too much of my life on this one thing now! 🙂 It became a mission, but the mission has failed. I tried all of things that people mentioned, but no luck! Oh well…maybe next time!

  12. Originally I tried this via Google Chrome and it didn’t work. I just did it from Mozilla Firefox and it went through.

  13. I tried via firefox, logging in and out, through ebates and not, and couldn’t get the firm or soft using shoprunner. 🙁

  14. I got a different dental floss since that one did not have a Shoprunner logo. With the shoprunner free shipping, it’s really great since this way I don’t have to make an extra CVS trip this week.

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