Dyson V8 Animal Pro+ Vacuum Cleaner – Only $284 (Reg. $450)

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Need a new vacuum? Here’s the best deal I’ve seen on my favorite — the Dyson V8 Animal — in more than two years.

I’ve gushed about it before, but in case you didn’t see those posts: I love, love, love my Dyson stick vacuum and would definitely jump on this one if I needed a new one.

Right now you can score this Dyson V8 Animal Pro+ Vacuum Cleaner for $299.98 (reg $450) at QVC.  Plus, shipping is free.

Even better, new to QVC (new = new account) can use the coupon code OFFER to save another $15 off your order, dropping your price to $284.98.

AND, this vacuum comes with a 8 amazing attachments — perfect for cleaning your cars, mattresses, steps, couches and any other small spot (no need for a Dust Buster with a Dyson cordless, because you can easily convert yours to a handheld!).

We use our Dyson daily for quick and easy clean-ups. I’ll never go back to a corded vacuum!

This price is valid thru June 15th, or while supplies last.


  1. Do you think it’s worth waiting for a deal on the latest models?

    • Mara Strom says

      I suppose it most depends on your budget. I have the “older” model and am very happy with it, but if you don’t mind spend another $50 – $100 (after the sale price, probably), then def go for it!

  2. How are you able to use this in Israel? Converter? Or were you able to buy a 220 model? and if yours is 220, did you get it in the US or in Israel? Planning to send a lift soon…..

    • Mara Strom says

      We bought ours in Israel (and it cost us a small fortune, sadly!). After doing so, however, I learned that most (all?) Dyson stick vacuums are actually 110/240, which means all you would need is an adapter for the plug! (Mine has it written on the plug, as does every other one I’ve ever checked – both bought here and in America.)

      Now, I tried to see if this particular model says that on the product description, and I don’t see it (it doesn’t say it’s not, it just doesn’t say anything). Everyone I know, tho, who has since bought a Dyson to import here has not had a problem — for what that is worth.

      Maybe check on Dyson’s return policy, and if for some reason it doesn’t have 110/240 on the plug, you can return it? On sale it’s about 55% less than I paid here (ugh!), so d definitely worth the trouble to check it.

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