Earn Extra Cash: Toluna Surveys

Recently, I have shared with you information about how to sign up for Synovate, an online market research company that rewards you with points for your participation in surveys and product reviews.

Today, I got a letter from a reader named Sarah, who had a pretty glowing review of the survey company, Toluna.

Here’s what Sarah had to say:

There are almost always surveys available and for each survey you do you are entered into a monthly drawing for cash and prizes.  You can also convert your points into drawing entries or save them up for cash.  It takes 60,000 points to earn $20, but for some of the surveys you can earn 12,000 points+ at one time.  I have been doing it for about a week and already have over 13,000 points.  I figure there’s no harm in taking the surveys.  But it seemed like something you might be interested in so I wanted to share!

I just checked and Toluna IS taking new applications right now. You can sign up here.

And now for my standard survey disclaimer: If you have a few spare moments in your day and  are online anyway, completing surveys can be a fun and easy way to earn some “mad money”. Are you going to be able to pay for a Hawaii vacation with survey dollars? Doubtful! But you might be able to fund a fun date night at Starbucks!

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