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If you are looking for more ways to earn extra money from home, there’s a new option – Jingit.

You watch ads online, such as the one above, on your computer, phone or reader – and earn money for each of the viewed ads.

Click this link, then click on the “What is Jingit” tab at the top. Find the blue Sign in With Facebook button – and log in using your existing Facebook account. Complete the 30-second registration process and you’re ready to  start earning.

Note – you will need to be able to receive text messages to your phone, as Jingit will send you a verification code in a text.

In order to find ads you can watch, look for the Jingit logo on ads from Jingit.com or on their partners’ sites, such as Kraft and Walmart.

I just signed up and watched the three videos it had available at the moment, earning $.45. Not a ton – but about $9/hour for watching 3 45-second video spots. Right now, I am allowed to earn a maximum of $5 per week –  or $260 per year!

Sign up for Jingit now to check it out.


  1. Grr. Registration is temporarily unavailable.

  2. i earned 1.50 from 3 videos, you sure your doing it right?

  3. be aware, in order to actually get what you earn, you need to pay a $2 fee (the first $2 you earn) to get a debit card

    still free money, but…

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