Earn Extra Money From Home: Join MySurvey (US & Canada)

I’m excited to let you know that MySurvey is once again accepting new members – in both the United States and Canada. This is a very popular survey company, which sends out full-size samples of free products, as well as numerous coupons and other freebies, too.

You also get paid for completing surveys with MySurvey. Each survey has a point value, which can be redeemed for cash.

MySurvey panel has been collecting opinions of U.S. consumers since 1946 under the name National Family Opinion (NFO). During those times they mainly collected opinions via the postal service and eventually the telephone. In 2001 they introduced online surveys on MySurvey.com. MySurvey, now part of LightSpeed Research, is a global provider of custom market research and analysis. As well as MySurvey, LightSpeed offers specialized panels in many different industries. The two panels share rewards programs via perks.com.

And now for my standard disclaimer: Surveys are not a get-rich-quick scheme. But if you have a few minutes in your day and are often online anyway, surveys can be an easy and fun way to earn a bit of pocket money. Learn more about survey companies in my Survey 101 Overview.

Join MySurvey now – and if you’re in Canada, be sure to click THIS LINK to join.

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