Earn More Swagbucks Tip #2: Complete Your Survey Profile

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If you’ve been reading KOAB for any amount of time, you surely know by now that Swagbucks is one of my absolute favorite “FREEBIES”.

For the uninitiated, Swagbucks allows you to earn points (known as “bucks”) for searching the web and other online activities. Once you hit 450 ‘Bucks you can buy a $5 Amazon gift card – which makes all the great Amazon deals that I share even better!

If you’ve recently signed up for Swagbucks and looking for a way to earn some quick and easy Swag Bucks, this new series is for you! Once a week, I’ll be sharing one of my favorite ways to bump up your Swag Bucks total so you can earn your $5 Amazon Gift Cards even faster.

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Earn More Swagbucks Tip #2: Survey Profiles

Go to the “My Settings” area of your Swagbucks account and click “Survey Profiles” .

There you will see a collection of short questionnaires sorted by topic, and each one you complete gets you 2 Swag Bucks.

The number of available profiles varies by country, but the payout remains the same.

Plus, once you complete those profiles, you will receive targeted survey opportunities right to your email inbox — so you can earn even more Swagbucks! Even if you don’t want to take those surveys, though, you’ll still have the Swag Bucks for completing the profiles.

If you’re new to Swagbucks, you can sign up now and get a bonus 70 points when you use the promo code KOSHER70.This is in addition to the 30 that everyone normally gets for signing up — which makes a total of 100 bonus points.

As you’re signing up, be sure to click where it says, “I have a sign up code” — that’s where you enter KOSHER70.

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