Earn Over $2 / Day from Jingit – It Takes Just Seconds

Have you signed up for Jingit yet? If not, let me suggest it as a really easy and quick way to earn extra money from home. It’s super straight-forward and it really works!

With Jingit, you watch ads online – via  your computer, phone or reader, and earn money for each of the viewed ads.

Right now, you can earn over $2 per day. No, that’s not a ton – but it also only takes a few seconds. And after a couple of days, you’ve got  Starbucks money for you and your honey.

Or, with all the Amazon deals we’ve been seeing lately, you could probably fund a good part of your Chanukah shopping with these little ads. Do it daily between now and Chanukah and that’s over $100!

Once you’ve signed up for Jingit and watched all the videos in your account, you can then come back every day and copy and paste the following links to earn more.

Earn $0.25 from Elmer’s Glue Campaign
Earn $0.20 with S’more Campaign (this should work every 2 hours!)
Earn $0.50 from JELL-O Mix Ins and JELL-O 4 Packs
Earn $0.25 from Jello 4 Packs
Earn $0.25 from Jello Mix-ins

Earn $1 for watching a quick ‘Billy on the Street’ video
Earn $0.25 from Snickers

Jingit conveniently adds the money your earn to a Jingit Visa Debit card, which you can sign up for as soon as your account reaches $3.  Unfortunately, there is a $3 fee for the card (which is mailed to you within two days), but you can earn that within a day or two of ad watching – and then all your additional earnings get added to the card automatically.

Sign up for Jingit to check it out.

This post contains affiliate links, which help to support Kosher on a Budget. For more information, see my disclosure policy.


  1. I signed up for Jingit awhile ago, but every time I seem to log in to watch ads or videos it says there are none available. I just was able to click on a few of the links you provided but most of them didn’t work for me. Any idea why?

  2. Am I the only one a little worried about giving out my SSN?

  3. Hmm it’s telling me that I have an unsupported mobile carrier. Is there a way to do it without involving your phone number?

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